HL Series

Hazardous Location Glands
MHC Series Multi-holed Ceramic Glands
  • CSA® certified in the U.S. and Canada
  • Pressure rated to 500 psig
  • Suitable for gas or liquid
  • Features Grafoil® sealant
  • Teflon sleeves are used to protect wires from damage
  • Two body styles – small (1/2” NPT) and large (3/4” NPT)
  • Body and cap material is 303 SST
  • Wire, solid 14, 16 or 18 AWG is supplied either by customer or Electro-Meters
  • Minimum 18” leads on both ends
  • Wires can be easily assembled in the field
  • Temperature range from -4°F to 130° F (-20°C to + 55°C)
Product Description:
The HL Gland is designed for sealing protection in a wide variety of hazardous environments. It is CSA® certified in the U.S. and Canada for use in hazardous locations defined by the NEC® as Class I, Div.1 and 2, Groups B, C, and D; Class II, Div. 1 and 2, Groups E, F, and G; and Class III.The HL Gland is superior to Chico® and other similar conduit sealing compound fittings commonly used in hazardous environments. The Conax HL Gland meets the requirements of both a primary seal and secondary seal as defined in the 2006 Canadian Electrical Code. Therefore, it can be used in conjunction with a Chico® seal on existing applications or can be used by itself in new installations. It also meets the requirements of a “conduit seal” and “cable seal” by preventing the passage of flames.The HL Gland eliminates costly replacement of instruments since the HL Gland prevents the seepage of moisture/condensation into the instrument housing which is often a source for corrosion and ultimately can result in instrument failure. With a mechanically-sealed Conax HL Gland, you will not have to be concerned about:
  • Cracks in compound sealants
  • Incorrectly installed compound sealant that allow gases or liquids to leak in the conduit system
  • Migration of explosive gases through stranded conductors due to a pressure differential in the conduit system.
Specifications Table:
Model NPT # ofConductors Torque (ft-lbs)
HLS4–14A1–B2–G .50-14 2 160-165
HLS4–14A1–B3–G 3
HLS4–14A1–B4–G 4
HLS4–14A1–B6–G 6
HLL5–14A1–B2–G .75-14 2 160-165
HLL5–14A1–B3–G 3
HLL5–14A1–B4–G 4
HLL5–14A1–B6–G 6
HLS4–16B1–B2–G .05-14 2 160-165
HLS4–16B1–B3–G 3
HLS4–16B1–B4–G 4
HLS4–16B1–B6–G 6
HLL5–16B1–B2–G .75-14 2 160-165
HLL5–16B1–B3–G 3
HLL5–16B1–B4–G 4
HLL5–16B1–B6–G 6
HLS4–18B1–B2–G .50-14 2 160-165
HLS4–18B1–B3–G 3
HLS4–18B1–B4–G 4
HLS4–18B1–B6–G 6
HLS4–18B1–B8–G 8
HLL5–18B1–B2–G .75-14 2 160-165
HLL5–18B1–B3–G 3
HLL5–18B1–B4–G 4
HLL5–18B1–B6–G 6
HLL5–18B1–B8–G 8
HL Typical installation
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