Type “B” and “T” Series

Head Assemblies
Head Assemblies
Assembly B
Assembly B
Product Description:
Conax Buffalo Technologies offers an extensive selection of standard and custom-engineered temperature sensor calibrations and configurations, sheath materials and terminal heads in various types, materials, and mounting styles to create the ideal assembly for your requirements. Every Conax sensor delivers rugged, reliable service with accurate, precision performance. For more information on Conax head assemblies, contact Conax Buffalo Technologies
T12 Camlock Head Assemblies:The T12 features an easy to- open globe design with camlock. A simple flick of the lock provides easy access to this weatherproof aluminum head. The T12 accepts up to 4 leads.
T11 Terminal Head Assemblies: This lightweight aluminum, gasketed weatherproof terminal head features a high gloss, silver painted finish designed to resist weak acid, solvents and alkalis. Termination contains six screw down connection points. T11 Terminal Head can also be supplied with a Conax 4-20mA, “Hockey Puck” transmitter preset to your Zero and Span set points. Isolated or non-isolated transmitter types are available.
NUN (Nipple Union Nipple) Assemblies: Industry staple for applications where the terminal head, T11, must align with a fixed conduit. NUN assemblies are offered with most Conax Buffalo Technologies’ terminations. NUN overall lengths are supplied to customer specifications. Consult factory.
T8 Terminal Head Assemblies : Conax T8 cast iron E coated terminal head with screw cover and gasket seal offers durability and versatility. The weatherproof T8 head, depending upon sensor type and lead quantity, will accept up to 8 wire connections.
T8E terminal Head Assemblies: If an explosion-proof terminal head is required, Conax’s T8E, NEMA 7 terminal head provides the answer. Constructed of a malleable iron body and aluminum screw cover with O-ring. Also available is our CSA, NRTL/C, UL terminal assembly U.S. and Canada certified for NEC designated hazardous environments, Class I, Division I, Groups B, C and D; Class II, Groups E, F and G; and Class III. 4-20mA transmitters are available for use within the T8E.
  T7 Terminal Box: The weatherproof gasketed aluminum T7 terminal box can accommodate up to 40 terminals and is ideal for multiple probe or extra long thermocouple assemblies.
T5 Waterproof Terminal Head Assemblies : T5CI NEMA 4 Waterproof For continuous processing in harsh environments, Conax T5CI cast iron, NEMA 4 terminal heads offer protection of the termination. Sealed assemblies prevent moisture absorption, corrosion and offer a condition for accurate sensing.
T5CI NEMA 4 with SLAN(Spring Load Adjustable Nipple):F or sensor applications in thermowell, pipewell, bearing ports and other entries where the bore depth is not absolute, Conax Buffalo (SLAN) fittings (.50 NPT) permit the user to adjust the sensor immersion length and applied force.
T3 Style Termination: T3 is epoxy-filled and features an exclusive Conax designed strain harness providing a practically unbreakable connection between lead wire and probe lead. T3 features a standard lead wire length of 24 inches with longer leads available on request.
Type B Head Assemblies: Compact, lightweight Type B Heads – available in 2, 3 or 4 wire configurations – make terminating probes easy and convenient. Available B2W weather resistant design includes O-ring. Up to 14 gauge lead wires are readily attached. The bright chrome finish cover resists corrosion. Cover is easily removed by loosening two screws and turning cover slightly.
Type B, Adjustable Sealed Fitting: Conax Buffalo, a leader in “Soft Sealant technology” offers all sensor types with adjustable seals. Adjustable seals, dependent on sealant material, seal up to 10,000 psi, permit adjustment after sealing torque has been applied, and are user friendly. MPG-125-A-T is shown with this B-type termination assembly.
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