Fiber Optic Sealing Glands

for Sealing Optical Cables
Fiber Optic Sealing Glands  for Sealing Optical Cables
  • Helium Leak Rate: 1×10-6scc/sec typical
  • Transmission Loss: Less than 0.3db typical (not including connectors) Pressure Rating: 1000 PSI (70 bar) standard
  • 3000 PSI (207 bar) optional
  • Temperature Rating: -58°F to +185ºF (-50°C to +85°C) (Higher temperatures available)FEATURES
  • Available with connector terminations: ST, SMA, FC
  • Standard fiber core sizes available: 8.3, 62.5, 100, 200, 400 micron
  • Adaptable to customer supplied fiber
  • Capable of sealing outside jacket diameters of 400 to 1040 micronsBENEFITS
  • Proven rugged design technology
  • Fiber optic cable is protected inside sheath
  • Seals without the use of epoxies
  • Low out gassing materials
  • Adaptable to various standard Conax sealing glands
  • Adaptable to special applications
Product Description:
  Conax Buffalo Technologies provides proven “soft sealant” technology for use in sealing fiber optic cables, creating an effective seal while protecting the fiber optic cable inside a sheath. These ruggedly designed assemblies seal a continuous fiber without the use of epoxies.
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