Model 8230 [Cat. 2130.81] 1Ø-Phase Power Quality Analyzer

Model 8230 [Catalog No. 2130.81] 1Ø-Phase Power Quality Analyzer
  • Measures up to 660Vrms or VDC
  • Measures up to 6500AAC or 1400ADC (probe dependent)
  • Displays Min, Max and Average Volts and Amps, Crest Factor, Peak value and K-Factor
  • Calculates and displays Watts, VARs and VA, Power Factor and Displacement Power Factor for single-phase and balanced three-phase
  • Displays total harmonic distortion (THD-F and THD-R) for voltage and current
  • Displays individual harmonic values and % for Volts and Amps through the 50th harmonic
  • Captures, displays and stores inrush current waveforms and statistics
  • Stores up to eight screen captures
  • Stores up to 1MB of trend recorded data
  • Configurable from DataView® software or front panel
  • Download stored data to DataView® software via optical with isolated USB port
  • Captures up to 4096 alarm events using up to 10 different thresholds
  • Displays and records up to 17 different power quality parameters
  • Includes DataView® software FREE.
  • Motor start-up analysis
  • Verification of power distribution circuits
  • Measurement and recording of power system quality (kW, VA, VAR)
  • Energy metering (kVAh, VARh, kWh)
  • In-plant troubleshooting of power distribution panels and individual machinery
  • Determine harmonic problems originating from source or load
Product Description:
The PowerPad® Jr. Model 8230 is a single-phase power quality analyzer that is easy-to-use, compact and shock-resistant. It is intended for technicians and engineers to measure and carry out diagnostic work and power quality work on single- or three-phase balanced load networks. Users are able to obtain instant waveforms of an electrical network’s principal characteristics, and also monitor their variation over a period of time. The multi-tasking measurement system simultaneously handles all the measurement functions and waveform display of the various magnitudes, detection, continuous recordings and their display without any constraints.
Models Available:

Model 8230 with MN93 [Catalog No. 2130.82]  Single-Phase Power Quality Analyzer PowerPad® Jr. Model 8230 with MN93 (240A)

Model 8230 with SR193 [Catalog No. 2130.83] Single-Phase Power Quality Analyzer PowerPad® Jr. Model 8230 w/SR193(1200A)

Model 8230 with AmpFlex® 193-24 [Catalog No. 2130.84] Single-Phase Power Quality Analyzer PowerPad® Jr. Model 8230 w/AmpFlex® 193-24 (6500A)

Model 8230 with AmpFlex® SR193-36 [Catalog No. 2130.85] Single-Phase Power Quality Analyzer PowerPad® Jr. Model 8230 w/AmpFlex® 193-36 (6500A)

Model 8230 with MR193 [Catalog No. 2130.86] Single-Phase Power Quality Analyzer PowerPad® Jr. Model 8230 with MR 193 (1000AAC/1400ADC)

Model 8230 with MN193 [Catalog No. 2130.87] Single-Phase Power Quality Analyzer PowerPad® Jr. Model 8230 with MN193 (6A/120A)

  • Waveforms – Display Volts, Amps, THD and Crest Factor by phase or for all phases. You can display all the voltage inputs on one screen, phase-to-phase or phase-to-neutral. Real-time phasor diagrams can be displayed for volts and amps.
  • Harmonics – Display Harmonics out to the 50th for Volts, Amps and VA. Individual Harmonics are displayed as a percentage and in real value. Harmonic direction and sequencing can also be displayed.
  • Transients – Set, capture and display transients. You select the threshold and the number of transients to capture. PowerPad then captures four waveforms for each transient; the triggering waveform as well as one pre- and two post-triggered waveforms.
  • Alarms – Configure, capture and display alarm events. Each captured alarm event will show the variable and the value as well as the time and duration.
  • Record – Set up and record trend data at selectable rates from one sample/second to one sample every 15 minutes on as many as 22 different variables for all phases.
Model 8230
Sampling Frequency 256 samples per cycle
Voltage (TRMS) 660V
Current (TRMS) MN Clamp: 5mA to 120A or 2 to 240AMR Clamp: 10 to 1000AAC, 10 to 1400ADC SR Clamp: 0 to 1200A AmpFlex®: 0 to 6500A
RMS Voltages 15 to 600V 0.1V ±0.5% ± 2cts
DC Voltage Component 15 to 600V 0.1V ±1% ± 2cts
Phase Peak Voltages 15 to 600V 1V ±(1% + 5cts)
Frequency (Hz) 40 to 70Hz 0.01Hz ±0.01Hz
Current Probes (Arms)
MN Clamp 0 to 240A 0.1A ±(0.5% + 2cts)
SR Clamp 0 to 1200A 0.1A;1A ≥ 1000A ±(0.5% + 2cts)
AmpFlex® Probe 10 to 6500A 0.1A;1A ≥ 1000A ±(0.5% + 1A)
Active Power (kW) 0 to 9999kW 4 digits(10,000ct) ±1% ± 1ct @ PF ≥0.8
Reactive Power (kVAR) 0 to 9999kVAR 4 digits(10,000ct) ±1% ± 1ct @ PF ≤0.8
Apparent Power (kVA) 0 to 9999kVA 4 digits(10,000ct) ±1% ± 1ct
Power Factor(PF & DPF) -1.000 to 1.000 0.001 ±(1.5% + 0.01)
Active Energy (kWh) 0 to 9999MWh 4 digits(10,000ct) ±1% ± 1ct @ PF ≥0.8
Reactive Energy (kVARh) to 9999MVARh 4 digits(10,000ct) ±1% ± 1ct @ PF≤0.8
Apparent Energy (kVAh) 0 to 9999MVAh 4 digits(10,000ct) ±1% ± 1ct
Harmonics(1st to 50th) 0 to 999% 0.1% ±1% + 5cts
K-factor (Akf) 1 to 99.99 0.01 ±5% ± 1ct
Flicker (PST) 0.00 to 9.99 0.01 – –
Display 1/4 VGA (320 x 240) color LCD
Power Source NiMH AA rechargeable battery packAC Supply: 120/230VAC (50/60Hz)
Power SourceBattery Life ≥Eight hrs with display on≥40 hrs with display off (recording mode)
Operating Temperature 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C)
Storage Temperature -4° to 122°F (-20° to +50°C)
Dimensions 8.3 x 4.3 x 2.4″ (211 x 108 x 60mm)
Weight 1.9 lbs (0.88kg)
Rating EN 61010, 600V Cat. III, Pollution Degree 2
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