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AEMC Instruments manufactures professional electrical test and measurement instruments for the industrial, commercial and utility marketplace.

IIII [+] About AEMC Power Quality Analyzers, Meters & Loggers

AEMC® Power Quality Analyzers are powerful and easy to use. The PowerPad® series provide a 1% or better accuracy, so you can be confident about your measurements. They capture transients, harmonics and provide real time phasor diagrams for volts and amps by phase. Easily configure display alarm events based upon trigger variables, record trend data at selectable rates and much more. AEMC® Loggers are inexpensive and provide data that can easily be displayed via Dataview® software. Power Clamp-On meters are an invaluable tool for quickly determining the status of your power without the need to switch off or break circuits. Ideal for diagnosing faults on live electrical circuits. While the basic power detector probes can determine the presence of voltage between 80V to 275kV. AEMC® provides all the tools that you require for all power measurement needs.

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Power & Power Quality

Powerful, easy to use, accurate.

III AEMC 8230 1Ø-Phase Power Quality Analyzer
AEMC 8230 Power Quality Meter

AEMC 8230[2130.81]Single Phase Power Quality Analyzer

  • Measures up to 660Vrms or VDC
  • Measures up to 6500AAC or 1400ADC (probe dependent)
  • Displays Min, Max and Average Volts and Amps, Crest Factor, Peak value and K-Factor
  • Configurable from DataView® software or front panel
III AEMC 8336[2136.30] Powerpad
AEMC 8230 Power Quality Meter

Three-Phase Power Quality Analyzer

  • True RMS single-, two-, and three-phase measurements at 256 samples/cycle, plus DC
  • Measures DC volts, amps and power
  • Displays and captures voltage, current and power harmonics to 50th order, including direction, in real-time
  • kVA, kvar and kW per phase and total
  • kVAh, kvarh and kWh per phase and total
III AEMC PEL 103 [2131.62] Power & Energy Logger (w/LCD, no sensors)

Power & Energy Logger (without sensors, also available with sensors as 2131.52)

  • Simple-to-use, single-, dual- (split-phase) and three-phase (Y, ∆) power & energy loggers
  • Designed to work in 1000V CAT III and 600V CAT IV environments and fits in many distribution panels
  • Energy measurements: kVAh, kWh (source, load) and kvarh (quadrant indication)
  • USB, LAN, Ethernet and Bluetooth (Class 1 wireless communication, up to 300ft away)