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AEMC Instruments manufactures professional electrical test and measurement instruments for the industrial, commercial and utility marketplace.

IIII [+] About AEMC Micro-ohmmeters

High accuracy low resistance measuring instruments with 0.25% or 0.05% basic accuracy.

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Rugged and Accurate

III AEMC Model 6240 [2129.80] Micro-ohmmeter
AEMC 6240 micro-ohmmeter

10A Micro-Ohmmeter

  • Measures from 1µΩ to 400Ω
  • Test current selection from 10mA to 10A
  • Manual temperature compensation
  • Front panel polarity reverse function
III AEMC Model 6255 [2129.84] Micro-ohmmeter
AEMC 6255 micro-ohmmeter


  • Test up to 60 minutes continuously at 10A
  • Measure from 1μΩ (0.1 μΩ resolution) to 2500Ω
  • Test current selection of 1mA, 10mA, 100mA, 1A, and 10A
  • Internal rechargeable batterie conduct up to 5000 – 10A tests
III AEMC Model 6292 [2129.83] Micro-ohmmeter
AEMC 6292 micro-ohmmeter


  • Adjustable test currents from 5 to 200A
  • Programmable test duration from 5 to 120 seconds
  • BSG ground test with optional current probe
  • Measures resistance from 0.1μΩ to 1Ω