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AEMC Instruments manufactures professional electrical test and measurement instruments for the industrial, commercial and utility marketplace.

IIII [+] About AEMC Flexible Current Measurement Probes

AEMC has a complete line of line of AC and AC/DC current probes with flexible sensors and electronic modules to clamp probes to be hooked up to your oscilloscope, DMM or any measuring device that will accept an AC or DC mv or current signal.

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Current Measurement Probes

Flexible current probes are designed to take measurements where standard clamp-ons cannot.

III AEMC Current Probes
Current Probes

AmpFlex® Flexible Current Probes

  • composed of a flexible sensor & an electronic module
  • Four sensor lengths(24″, 36″, 48″, 60″)
  • Measure from 5 to 30,000Arms
  • Permits mesasurement where standard clamp-ons can’t be used
III Oscilloscope & BNC-Terminated Probes
AEMC Oscilloscope & BNC-terminated probles

Oscilloscope & BNC-Terminated Probes

  • Expand oscilloscope applications
  • Permit accurate current measurement without breaking into the circuit
  • Direct connection to oscilloscope
  • Safe connect with insulated coaxial cable with insulated BNC
III DC/AC Microprobes
AEMC Micro-probes

K Series Microprobes

  • exceptional DC/AC current measurement
  • Very small and compact
  • Accurate measurements of very low currents with 50µADC sensitivity
  • High sensitivity & dynamic range
III General Purpose Probes
AEMC General Purpose probles

Most complete line of probes

  • 3 Outputs; total power up to 195W
  • Low Ripple Noise <350 uVrms/2mVpp
  • Fast transient response time: <50 us
  • Channel isolation: CH1 || CH2,CH3