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Acuvim II Series

Revenue Grade with Data Logging and Waveform capture

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Acuvim II Series Video— Watch how to program the Acuvim-II series


  • Level 2 DNP3 and IEC61850 2nd Edition
  • MV90 Support
  • 8GB Datalogging and event storage
  • COMtrade Waveform format
  • Four different models for different applications
  • Revenue grade ANSI C12.20 class 0.2 & IEC 62053-22 class 0.2s
  • Built-in MODBUS RTU via RS485 port
  • Plug-in modules for BACNET, Ethernet, Profibus & WiFi
  • Optional data logging, time-of-use and power quality monitoring
  • Choose panel mount meter with digital display or DIN rail mount transducer
  • Free Cloud Metering Data Storage + Analytics
  • 5-year warranty guarantee


  • Metering of Distribution Feeders, Transformers, Generators,
    Capacitor Banks and Motors
  • Medium and Low Voltage Systems
  • Commercial, Industrial, Utility
  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Data Logging


Quality engineered energy submeters provides a simple robust solution for power monitoring, power quality analysis, kWh metering, system integration, controlling power distribution systems & other speciality applications.

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Literature and Technical Information

Digital Power Meters

++ Acuvim II Series Specification Brochure | 2.2 MB
Model: Acuvim II Power Meters
Real Time Metering
Phase Voltage: V1, V2, V3, Vlnavg
Line Voltage: V12, V23, V31, Vllavg
Current: I1, I2, I3, In, Iavg
Power: P1, P2, P3, Psum
Reactive Power: Q1, Q2, Q3, Qsum
Apparent Power: S1, S2, S3, Ssum
Power Factor: PF1, PF2, PF3, PF
Frequency: F
Load Features: Load Features
Four Quadrant Powers: Four Quadrant Powers
Energy & Demand
Energy: Ep_imp, Ep_exp, Ep_total, Ep_net
Reactive Energy: Eq_imp, Eq_exp, Eq_total, Eq_net
Apparent Energy: Es
Demand: Dmd_P, Dmd_Q, Dmd_S, Dmd_I1, Dmd_I2, Dmd_I3
Power Quality: Voltage Unbalance Factor: U_unbl
Current Unbalance Factor: I_unbl
Voltage THD: THD_V1,THD_V2,THD_V3, THD_Vavg
Current THD: THD_I1, THD_I2, THD_I, THD_Iavg
Individual Harmonics: Harmonics 2nd to 63rd
Voltage Crest Factor: Crest Factor
Current K Factor: K Factor
Statistics: MAX with Time Stamp
MIN with Time Stamp
Each phase of V & l; Total of P, Q, S, PF & F; Demand of P,Q & S;
Each phase THD of V & I; Unbalance factor of V & I
Alarm: Over/Under Limit Alarm V, I, P, Q, S, PF, V_THD & I_THD Each Phase and Total or
Average; Unbalance Factor of V & I; Load Type; Analog Input
of Each Channel
Communication: RS485 Port, Half Duplex, Optical Isolated Modbus®-RTU Protocol/DNP3.0 Option
Time: Real Time Clock Year, Month, Date, Hour, Minute, Second
Optinal Modules
I/O OPTION Switch Status (DI) Digital Input (Wet)
Power Supply for DI 24 Vdc
Relay Output (RO) NO, Form A
Digital Output (DO) Photo-MOS
Pulse Output (PO) By Using DO
Analog Input (AI) 0(4)~20mA, 0(1)~5V
Analog Output (AO) 0(4)~20mA, 0(1)~5V
Communication: Ethernet 10M/100M, Modbus-TCP, HTTP Webpage, Email
Profibus-DP Profibus-DP/V0
BACnet IP or MS/TP
RS485 Module Additional Modbus RTU
  Accuracy Resolution and Range
Voltage: 0.2% 0.1V (20V~1000kV)
Current: 0.2% 0.1mA (5mA~50000A)
Power: 0.2% 1W (-9999MW~9999MW)
Reactive Power: 0.2% 1var (-9999Mvar~9999Mvar)
Apparent Power: 0.2% 1VA (0~9999MVA)
Power Demand: 0.2% 1W (-9999MW~9999MW)
Reactive Power Demand: 0.2% 1var (-9999Mvar~9999Mvar)
Apparent Power Demand: 0.2% 1VA
Power Factor 0.2% 0.001 (-1.000~1.000)
Frequency 0.2% 0.01Hz (45.00~65.00Hz)
Energy 0.2% Primary – 0.1kWh (0-99999999.9kWh)
Secondary – 0.001kWh (0-999999.999kWh)
Reactive Energy: 0.2% Primary – 0.1kvarh (0-99999999.9kvarh)
Secondary – 0.001kvarh (0-999999.999kvarh)
Apparent Energy: 0.2% Primary – 0.1kVAh (0-99999999.9kVAh)
Secondary – 0.001kVAh (0-999999.999kVAh)
Harmonics: 1.0% 0.1%
Phase Angle: 2.0% 0.1° (0.0°~359.9°)
Unbalance Factor: 2.0% 0.1% (0.0%~100.0%)
Running Time:   0.01h (0~9999999.99h)
Power Voltage: 100~415Vac, 50/60Hz; 100~300Vdc 50/60Hz
Withstand: 3250Vac, 50/60Hz for 1 minute
Temperature Range: - 25°C to 70°C
Storage Temperature: - 40°C to 85°C
Humidity Range: 5% to 95% Non-Condensing
Dimensions: 96×96×51mm (92×92 cutout) DIN
Weight: 6.4kg(14.1Ib)
With IQ-DSG3000 option 6.7kg(14.8Ib)
Compliance: Measurement Standard: IEC 62053-22; ANSI C12.20
Environmental Standard: IEC 60068-2
Safety Standard: IEC 61010-1, UL 61010-1, IEC 61557-12
EMC Standard: IEC 61000-4/-2-3-4-5-6-8-11, CISPR 22, IEC 61000-3-2, IEC 61000-6-2/4
Outlines Standard: DIN 43700, ANSI C39.1
  ◎- OPTIONAL Acuvim
  Parameter -II -IIR -IIE -IIW
Real Time Metering: Phase Voltage
Line Voltage
Reactive Power
Apparent Power
Power Factor
Load Features
Four Quadrant Powers
Energy and Demand Energy
Reactive Energy
Apparent Energy
Time of Use Energy/Max Demand      
Daylight Savings Time      
Waveform Capture: Voltage / Current Waveform      
Power Quality: Voltage Unbalance Factor
Current Unbalance
Voltage THD
Current THD
Individual Harmonics
Voltage Crest Factor:
Current K Factor
Statistics: MAX with Time Stamp
MIN with Time Stamp
Alarm: Over/Under Limit Alarm
Power Quality Event Logging: Sag/Dips, Swell      
Data Logging: Data Logging 1
Data Logging 2
Data Logging 3
Memory (on board): Running Time
  8MB 8MB 8MB
Communication: RS485 Port, Half Duplex, Optical Isolated
Time: Real Time Clock
I/O: Switch Status (DI)
Power Supply for DI
Relay Output (RO)
Digital Output (DO)
Pulse Output (PO)
Analog Input (AI)
Analog Output (AO)
Communication: Ethernet
RS485 Module