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DC Power & Energy Meters

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  • Backlight on-board LCD display
  • Monitor and control power switches
  • Optional MODBUS RTU communications
  • Optional digital and analog I/O
  • Optional relay outpu
  • Optional data logging
  • Get optional alarm notification
  • Standard DIN size for easy installation


  • DC Energy Management Systems
  • Power Distribution for Telecommunication Room
  • Solar Photovoltaic Systems
  • Industrial DC Control Systems
  • Metallurgy and Electroplating Industries
  • Wind Power Generation
  • DC Excitation Systems
  • Light Rail Transit Systems
  • EV Charging Monitoring
  • Data Center
  • Cellular Tower Energy Monitoring


AcuDC 240 Series specialty DC energy meters for monitoring solar PV energy generation, wind turbine power generation, transport systems, cell towers, power distribution in data centers, IT networks and other DC applications.

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Literature and Technical Information
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Multi-function Power Meters

++ Acuvim 240 Series Specification Brochure | 922 kB
Model: Acuvim 240 Power Meters
Real Time Metering
Voltage: V
Current: I
Power: P
Energy: E
Ampere-hour: Ah
  Accuracy Resolution and Range
Voltage: 0.2% 0.001V (0~1200V)
Current: 0.2% 0.001A (0~±50000AA)
Power: 0.5% 0.001kW (0~±60000kW)
Energy 0.5% 0.01kWh (0~9999999.99kWh)
Drift withTemperature: <100ppm/˚C
Stability: 0.5‰/year
Input Range: 0~±10A (Direct Input, pick up current 0.01A)
0~±50000A (Via Shunt or Hall Effect Sensor, 50~100mV(programmable
Shunt: 50~100mV(programmable)
Hall Effect Sensor: 0~±5V/0-±4V, 4~20mA/12mA±8mA
Power Consumption: 2W(Max)
Accuracy 0.2%
Input Range: Direct Input0~1000V; Via Hall Effect Sensor0~1200V
Input Impedence: 2MΩ
Load: <0.6W
Accuracy 2MΩ /phase
Digital Inputs
Type: Dry Contact
Isolation Voltage: 0.2%
RO Outputs (Optional)
Type: Mechanical contact, Form A
Max Load Voltage: 3A
Max Load Current: 250Vac/30Vdc
On Resistance: 100mΩ (Max)
Isolation Voltage: 4000Vac
Mechanical Life: 5 × 106 times
Digital Output (Photo-Mos)
Load Voltage Range: 0~250Vac/dc
Load Current: 100mA (Max)
Max Output Frequency: 25Hz, 50% Duty Ratio
Isolation Voltage: 2500Vac
Analog Output (AO)
Output Range: 4~20mA/0~20mA;0~5V/1~5V
Accuracy: 0.5%
Load Capacity: Current Type: Max Resistance 500Ohm
Voltage Type: Max Output Current 20mA
Communication (Optional)
Type: RS485, half duplex, Optical Isolated
Protocol: Modbus-RTU
Baud Rate: 1200~38400bps
Isolation Voltage; 2500Vac
Power Voltage: (P1)100-240Vac, 50/60Hz, 100-300Vdc
(P2) 20-60Vdc
Power: 3W
Temperature Range: -25⁰C~70⁰C
Storage Temperature: - 40°C to 85°C
Humidity Range: 5% to 95% Non-Condensing
Dimensions: 72x72x64.5 mm – Panel Cutout 68×68mm
  ◎- OPTIONAL Acuvim
  Parameter AcuDC 241 AcuDC 242 AcuDC 243
Real Time Metering: Voltage
I/O Functions: 2DI+2AO
2DI+ ±15Vdc
Data Logging: All metering parameters can be recorded    
Communication: RS485