New VTAC High-Speed Data Solution

VPC’s configurable VTAC HSD solution features a data transfer rate of more than 12.5 Gbps per differential pair.

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  • Modular – SIM VTAC contact work in both the iSeries & 90 Series connector families
  • Scalable – customize between 8-272 individual contacts
  • Reconfigurable – arrange SIM VTAC HSD inserts in desired location and rearrange to fit requirement needs
  • Compatible – mutiple HSD standards USB 3.0, SATA, eSATA, DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet, QSFP, Twinax, and Infiniband (plus more)


  • Military and commercial test applications are utilizing the latest technologies and in many cases require higher data rates. Such testing applications as unmanned aircraft, delivery drones, advanced medical robotics, electronic vehicles, smart devices and consumer electronics.


VPC’s new configurable VTAC High Speed Data (HSD) insert features a data transfer rate of more than 12.5 Gbps per differential pair. Gold-plated, self-aligning contacts are specifically designed to reduce crosstalk to increase signal integrity during HSD transfers while maximizing cycle life. Each VTAC HSD insert has a cycle life of 10,000 without signal degradation.
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VPC’s SIM VTAC High Speed Data (HSD) connectors allow engineers in multiple industries to test devices that communicate at greater speeds and require higher data rates. The SIM VTAC HSD insert features a data transfer rate of 12.5+ Gbps per differential pair. Each SIM VTAC HSD 50 μ” gold-plated, selfaligning contact has been tested and verified to 100,000 cycles without signal degradation.

VTAC HSD is part of the Snap- In-Modular (SIM) family. The SIM inserts use a proprietary polymer form factor which accept either VTAC HSD or QuadraPaddle patchcords. All SIM inserts can be used interchangeably within a single 90 Series SIM module or i2 MX connector.

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