Monarch Instrument

Magnetic and Optical Sensors

IIII [+] About Monarch

Since 1977, Monarch has become one of the world’s largest suppliers of portable speed measurement products and is an ISO 9001-2000 registered manufacturer of precision electronics.

A leading manufacturer of sensors designed for factory and process automation industries that uphold uncompromising standards for reliability and functionality. An extensive line of products that meet client application demands.

  • Monarch Magnetic and Optical Sensors
III Monarch Sensors for Tach, Strobes or stand-alone
Monarch Sensors

Sensors for Tachometers & Strobes or stand-alone use

  • Model ROS-W Optical Sensor: 1-250,000 RPM
  • Model P5-11 Proximity Sensor: Magnetic 1-60,000 RPM
  • Models IRP-P & IRS-W Infrared Sensors: 1-999,950 RPM
  • Models M-190W & M190P Magnetic Sensors: 1-99,990 RPM
  • MT-190/MT & 190W Mag Sensors c/w amp modules: 1-99,999 RPM
III Monarch SPS Series Sensors
Monarch SPS Series sensors

Self-powered Sensors

  • Range: (RPM)-Same as the sensor
  • Output signal: TTL compatible pulse, 0-5V or 5-0V
  • Pulse Width: Determined by size of target and rotational speed
  • Output: connector BNC Connector
  • Power: (4) “AA” (R6) NiCad batteries AC or 5-12 VDC
  • switch-selectable 0 to +5 V or 0 to -5 V
III Monarch Smart Sensor Series
Monarch Smart series sensors

Smart Laser Sensors for Measuring Speed

  • “Smart” auto gain provides best performance in picking up target reflection.
  • “On Target” Indicator
  • TTL pulse output signal inverter Switch
  • Manual sensitivity knob provides dynamic fine tuning of sensor response
  • On/off or recharge switch