Hsiang Cheng Corp. ® Model HC6010

High Accuracy Digital Power Meters


Hsiang Cheng, Model HC6010 Power Meters

  • Over 90 power and energy parameters for factory and building automation
  • Modbus®RTU protocol
  • Maximum 600V
  • True RMS conversion
  • Instant maximum and minimum
  • VFD display clear and long-life
  • Build in RTC (real time clock)
  • Field programmable PT / CT ratio
  • Accuracy up to 0.15%
  • 4 isolated analog outputs to transducer function
  • 4 pulse outputs based on KWH, KVarH, KVAH or AH
  • Maximum demand control applicable
  • Memory for all setup and energy data
  • Comprehensive self test diagnostics
  • Low input burden 0.1VA (5A / 120V)
  • Wide power supply range for AC / DC
  • Compact physical configuration
  • Compatible for DIN & ANSI cut out
  • 2KV RMS input / output / power isolation
Product Description:
space The HC6000 is a cost efficient, multi-function Power Meter that replaces conventional analog or digital instruments and switches.The HC 6000 is specifically designed to be compatible with the world’s 2 most widely used DIN standard panel instruments (It fits the DIN 92 x 92 mm panel cutout holes) and is easily and efficiently hooked upr. It’s hardware is suitable for either 1 phase 2 wires, 1 phase 3 wires, 3 phase 3 wire or 3 phase 4 wires networks.HC6000 can communicate via serial port (RS-485 or RS-232), and Modbus® .It’s internal software provides a simple yet practical solution to energy management for factories, small and large Plants.Te VFD monitor displays V, A, VA, W, Var, WH, etc. It also displays maximum and minimum values, maximum demand control, time stamping and more than 90 power and energy parameters.
  • Factory & Building Automation (FA & BA)The HC 6000 is developed for factory and building automation (FA & BA) applications. It can meter the power and energy parameters of a wide range of industrial power distribution systems and AC switch-gears.
  • PLC Modbus CompatibleThe Modbus® communications protocol allows information and data to be efficiently transferred between HC 6000 and modicon programmable logic controllers (PLC) or other third party Modbus® compatible monitoring and control systems. The HC 6000 can also establish a monitoring system just simply adopt an IPC-based centralized master display software.(RTU mode Modbus® protocol with default baud rate 9600 bps, none parity, 8 data bit.)
  • Built-in Real Time Clock (RTC) HC 6000 appends a time stamp for all maximum and minimum energy measurements records. Ideal for identifying abnormal events and easy record accessibility. It also provides a demand-control time period 15 / 30 minutes for maximum power demand control of utility load shedding.
  • MemoryAll of the meter status setting and energy data are retained in in a non-volatile memory . HC 6000 records includes the watt-hour measured, maximum demand values, date and time, PT and CT ratio and system configuration
  • Field ProgrammabilityEasily set CT and PT ratios, Modbus® address, communication baud rate, parity, meter’s display, etc. programmed by front panel or by PC via RS-485 / RS-232.
  • Accuracy up to 0.15%Hsiang Cheng’s conversion, sampling and software compensation technology provide the HC6000 with the high accuracy required for today’s needs. Voltage and current accuracy up to 0.15% and power to 0.25%.
  • Comprehensive CommunicationModbus® ( compatible with the modicon system ).RS-485 / RS-232
  • Modbus® communication between modicon programmable logic controllers (PLC), RTU Power SCADA system and DCS systems
Specifications :
Voltage : 10 – 600V
Current : suitable for CT secondary rating (optional)Maximum 6A for 5A ratingMaximum 1.2A for 1A rating
Frequency : 40 – 70Hz
Voltage: < 0.4VA at 600V< 0.04VA at 150V
Current: < 0.1VA at 5A
Overload rating Current Voltage
2 x rated continuous10 x rated 30 seconds25 x rated 2 seconds50 x rated 1 seconds 750V continuous1000V 10 seconds1200V 3 secondss
Input/Ouputs/ Special Features
Measured systems 3 phase 4 wires3 phase 3 wiressingle phase 2 & 3 wires3 phase balanceSelect by input wiring & software configuration
Pulse output (PO) 4 pulse outputs photo-isolated (max.)
Configurable Parameter: WH / VarH / VAH / AHUnit, +1WH / +1QH / 1VAH / 0.01AH
Pulse width 50% duty cycle
Analog output (AO) 0.5% fs accuracy
Outputs 4 isolated analog outputs (maximum)
Standard output: 4-20mAdc / load < 500Ω
Configurable Measured parameters Input range, unipolar / bipolar
Event logger 200 events with time-stampedStatus change of switch inputActivation of setpoints / alarmsOperation of controlled relay output Failure in self-test Programming access Trace memory triggered Power ON / OFF
Maximum / minimum logger 20 parameters with time-stamped P1, P2, P3, PE, L1, L2, L3, LE, A1, A2, A3, A0, AE, W, Var, VA, F, PF, Vubl, Aubl
General Specifications
Communication ports: RS485 ( standard ) ;RS232 ( option )Modbus® RTU protocol
Display: VFD / 0.28″ / green color, 3 rows of 9 alphanumerics
RTC Maximum deviation 5 sec in 24 hoursTime for year / month / date / hour / minute / sec
Dielectric strength: IEC 255-5, 2KV AC rms 1 minute between input / output / power
Impulse and surge test: ANSI/IEEE C37.90.1-1989 (3KV) SWC testIEC 255-22-1 class III SWC testIEC 255-22-4 class IV (IEC 801-4) SWC testIEC 255-5 1.2 x 50us (5KV) impulse test
Stability: Temperature range -25 to +55°C,Maximum 100 ppm / °CLong term stability 0.15% drift maximum per year
Operating condition: Temperature range -25 to +60°C,RH 20 – 95% non-condensed
Storage condition: Temperature range -25 to +70°C,RH 20 – 95% non-condensed
Power supply: AC 80 – 260V, 40 – 70 Hz, DC 80 – 330VDC 20 – 60V (option)Dissipation maximum 12VA for AC / 6 watts for DC
Mounting / Dimension: Panel type mountingSize : 120 x 120 x 130.5mmCut out : 92 x 92mm
pdf_pic Downloads: General Specifications