Yokogawa TM20 Series Digital Thermo-Collectors(discontinued)


Product Information:

  • Supports type K/J/E/T thermocouples
  • Analog signal input
  • 2-channel simultaneous measurement
  • Allows switching between collector mode or logging mode(collector mode: records the measured temperature along with the measured item, name of the person taking the measurement, date and time of measurement in response to a key action; logging mode: continuously records the measured temperature at present time record)
  • Allows input of comments regarding measurement process
  • Easy to manage PC data (automatic layout in Excel)
  • High data capacity- Collector mode only: 5000 data units, Logging mode only: 20,000 data units (Allows mixing of collector mode and logging mode measurement data)2-channel simultaneous measurement is recorded as two data points
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Product Description:

Thermocouple type (K, J, E, T), 2-channelMeasuring range: -200 to 1,370 deg.C (Type K)Features: Logging function, User calibration function, Analog signal input, Data management software

Product Specifications:

Thermocouple measurement ranges:
Type K : -200 to 1372 deg.C [-328 to 2501.6 deg.F]
Type J : -200 to 1000 deg.C
[-328 to 1832 deg.F]
Type E : -200 to 700 deg.C
[-328 to 1292 deg.F]
Type T : -200 to 400 deg.C
[-328 to 752 deg.F]
Thermocouple : 0.1 deg.C [0.1 deg.F]
Voltage input
: 0.1 mV or 0.001 V
External dimensions
:56 (W) x 151 (H) x 33 (D) mm
:Approx. 180 g
:Two AA size (LR6) dry batteries
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