MY10 Series (OBSOLETE)

Analog Insulation Testers


  • Analog models with single rating
  • Compact-and-lightweight (500 g)
  • Three-range low (25 V) to high
  • AC (1,000 V) voltages
  • Discharge of circuit under test
  • High accuracy (2% of reading)
  • Safe structure employing hidden charging section
  • Backlit-illuminated


Single rating, Analog type, 5 models Rating: 125V/200MΩ, 250V/200MΩ, 500V/2000MΩ, 500V/1000MΩ, 1000V/2000MΩ Features: Automatic discharge function, AC Voltage measurement, Protective covering

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Scale length:Approx. 107 mm; afterglow-illuminated scale plate

AC voltage measurement:If any AC voltage is present across the test terminals, the tester lets you know by pointing to an AC voltage value and turning on the LED lamp. You can perform AC voltage measurement with the MEAN switch turned off.

Automatic discharge function:If the object under test remains electrified after the MEAS switch is turned off, the tester lets you know by turning on the LED lamp. If you leave the tester connected to the electrified object, the tester automatically begins to discharge electricity and then goes out. – When the object under test is capacitive and electrified, the tester lets you know by turning on the LED lamp. When left connected to the object, the tester automatically discharges electricity, thus preventing possible electric shock or spike noise at power-on.

Battery check:(BAT mark on the scale plate)

Battery life: Approx. 10 hours when continuously operated on manganese-oxide batteries with the pointer pointing to the central scale value.

Batteries:Four AA (R6P) batteries

Dimensions:125 (W) x 103 (H) x 53 (D) (mm), excluding protrusions

Weight:Approx. 500 g (main unit and batteries only, excluding accessories)

Compliance:EN61010-1:1993; EN61010-2-31:1995 (Over voltage Category III, Pollution Degree 2 installations for indoor use)

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Literature and Technical Information
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Insulation Testers

++ MY10 Series | Specifications
Model Rating Effective Measuring Range AC Voltage Measuring Range
MY10-01 125V/20MΩ 0.01 to 20MΩ 0 to 250V
MY10-02 250V/50MΩ 0.01 to 50MΩ 0 to 300V
MY10-03 500V/100MΩ 0.05 to 100MΩ 0 to 500V
MY10-04 500V/1000MΩ 0.5 to 1000MΩ 0 to 500V
MY10-05 1000V/2000MΩ 1 to 2000MΩ 0 to 500V