2406E Series

Analog Insulation Testers


  • High accuracy (2% rdg +1 digit)
  • Compact, battery-powered insulation tester
  • Discharge of circuit under test
  • Three-range: low (25 V) to high (1,000 V) voltages
  • Backlit-illuminated
  • AC voltage measurement
  • Automatic discharge
  • Increased safety (Covered battery


Multi ratings (2 or 3 ratings), Analog type, 10 models Rating: From 25V/5MΩ to 1000V/2000MΩ (9 ratings in all) Features: Discharge function, EL Backlight

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Scale length:Approx. 86 mm (outer scale)

Discharge function:The tester automatically begins discharge when you turn off the MEAS switch. The pointer swings if there is any residual voltage in the circuit under test. You can make sure discharge is complete by checking that the pointer swings back to the infinite scale value. Under this condition, the tester is ready to enter voltage measurement mode.

AC voltage measurement:AC voltage measurement is possible wherever the rotary switch is positioned.

Dimensions (main unit):Approx. 120 (W) x 110 (H) x 60 (D) (mm)

Weight:Approx. 500 g (including batteries)

Batteries:Four AA (R6P) batteries

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Literature and Technical Information
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Insulation Testers

++ 2406E Series | Specifications
Model Rating Measuring Range AC Voltage Measuring Range
240631 240641 25V/5MΩ 50V/10MΩ 125V/20MΩ 0.001 to 5MΩ 0.005 to 10MΩ 0.01 to 20MΩ 0 to 300V
240632 240642 125V/20MΩ 250V/50MΩ 0.01 to 20MΩ 0.01 to 50MΩ 0 to 300V
240633 240643 125V/20MΩ 250V/50MΩ 500V/100MΩ 0.01 to 20MΩ 0.01 to 50MΩ 0.05 to 100MΩ 0 to 600V
240634 240644 250V/50MΩ 500V/100MΩ 1000V/2000MΩ 0.01 to 50MΩ 0.05 to 100MΩ 1 to 2000MΩ 0 to 600V
240635 240645 250V/50MΩ 500V/100MΩ 1000V/2000MΩ 0.01 to 50MΩ 0.05 to 100MΩ 1 to 2000MΩ 0 to 600V