2404 Series (OBSOLETE)

Hand-Cranked Analog Insulation Testers


  • Reliable, hand-driven insulation tester
  • DC-DC converter
  • Six models for different test voltages and MW ranges
  • Convenient continuity range of 0 to 500 W full scale
  • Model 240422 is a versatile 3 range tester


The 2404 is a reliable, hand-driven insulation tester using a DC-DC converter. The 2404 includes a number of useful and easy-to-use feature. Six different models are available for different test voltage (DC) and MΩ ranges.Single rating, Analog type, 4 models, 4 ratings Rating: 100V/20MΩ, 250V/50MΩ, 500V/100MΩ, 500V/1000MΩ, 1000V/2000MΩ Features: Hand-driven, AC Voltage measurement

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Accuracy:Insulation resistances measurement: ±5% of indicated value in effective measuring range 1, ± 10% of indicated value in effective measuring range 2, less than ± 0.7% of scale length at zero and infinity. AC voltage measurement ±10% of full scale – Low resistance measurement: Less than 5% of full scale.

Scale Length: Approx. 88 mm (3-1/2″)

Rotating Speed of Handle:More than 120 rpm

Case:Polycarbonate resin, green-yellow

Dialectric Strength:2000V AC (100 to 1,000V models), or 3,000V AC (2,000V models) for one minute between electric circuits and case/handle.


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Model Testing Voltage AC Voltage Continuity Range
2404 13 500V/100MΩ 0 to 300V 0 to 500Ω
2404 14 500V/1000MΩ 0 to 500Ω
2404 15 1000V/2000MΩ Not provided
2404 16 2000V/5000MΩ Not provided