Yokogawa-Electro-Meters DG-103 Afficheurs Switchboard sur mesure

Yokogawa-Electro-Meters DG103 Customized Digital Switchboard Meters
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  • LCD DISPLAY FEATURES (as per meters above)
    • 3 1/2 Digits to 4 1/2 Digits (to Customer’s specs)
    • Available in dark Grey or Blue
    • Decimal point user specified
    • Eng. units user specified
    • Up to .98” digits for easy viewing
    • Gasket and clamp provided for NEMA 4 or 12 applications
    • 3 1/2 Digits to 4 1/2 Digits (to Customer’s specs)
    • Decimal point user selectable
    • Up to .8” digits for easy viewing
    • Green, Orange, or Red LEDs
    • Gasket and clamp provided for NEMA 4 or 12 applications
  • UL, CSA and IP54 splash proof models avaliable
Product Description:
These meters are designed as drop-in replacements for Yokogawa 103 analog switchboard series, providing the accuracy and ease of reading of a digital meter in a switchboard format.The DG-103 series are custom manufactured , designed to meet specific application needs. Backlit LCD or LED display versions are available with your choice of LED color, any input range and engineering units. They are contained in a 4 1/4” Switchboard metal housing for shielding purposes.
Specifications: as per model above, (Base meter) *** Digital meter specifications can be modified for specific applications)
Display: Digits: 3 ½ Digits (±1999 counts)
Type: 0.98” ( 24.9 mm) LCD 0.8” (20.3 mm) LED
Polarity: Automatic, “-” Displayed.
Decimal Points: User Specified
Overload: Three lower order digits blank for inputs >1999 & <-1999
Hold: Display Hold Function is Standard
Annunciators: PSI,°F,°C,% (user specified)
Inputs: Ranges: ±200.0mV, +/-2.000V, +/-20.00V DC, 4-20mA
Configuration: Bipolar, Differential
Protection: ±350V DC, (±100V DC on 200mV Range ) (±30 mA on 4-20mA)
Impedance: >1 MW, (>10 MW on 200mV Range)
Performance: Accuracy: ±(0.05% FS +1 counts)
Conversion Rate: 3 per Second
Normal Mode Rejection: >30 db @ 60 Hz
Common Mode Range: ±1V DC
Common Mode Rej.: >86 dB
Zero Adjustment: Automatic
Warmup: 10 Minutes Typical
Temperature Coeff.: ±100 ppm per °C Typical
Environment: Operating Range: -10 to 50 °C
Storage Range: -40 to 75 °C
Power Supply: Voltage input units: +5V DC (180mA LED, 3mA LCD)
powered by mA control loop. Loop Burden 300 W nominal
+24V DC (40mA) Loop Burden 40 W nominal
Connection: 4 screw terminal (4-20mA)
13 pin male connection (voltage)
13 pin connector/wiring harness included
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