Yokogawa Electric Corporation

Test and Measurement Instrumentation

IIII [+] Data Acquisition Equipment & Recorders
The series is designed to overcome conventional problems and to offer a flexible response to changes in the environment. This ability to evolve with the times makes the series a new standard for data acquisition equipment.
  • Data Acquisition & Recorders
Yokogawa Handheld Insulation & Earth Testers
  • Data Acquisition Equipment
  • Darwin Hybrid Recorders
III MW100 Data Acquisition Unit
Yokogawa MW100

MW100 Series

• Wide range of temperatures
• Reinforced insulation
• 3700 Vrms (one minute) or 600 Vrms/VDC (continuous)
• Wide variety of network functions
• DC power supply option
• High Speed measurement with a single unit
III MX100 Data Acquisition Unit
Yokogawa MX100

MX100 Series

• Multi-channel
• Acquire data from up to 1200 channels
• Reinforced insulation
• Multi-interval measurement mixed use
• Flexible system configuration
• Versatile PC-bases software options
III WE7000 Data Acquisition Unit
Yokogawa WE7000

WE7000 Series

• Simple data acquisition
• No software development
• Firmware resident
• Isolation & noise immunity
• Fast, reliable data acquisition
• Modular design
III GP10/GP20 Paperless Recorder
Yokogawa GP10

GP10/GP20 Paperless Recorder

• Support for FDA 21 CFR Part 11 for food & drug
• Expansion unit available
• Custom display function
• Ethernet
• Option for connection with WT power meters
• Front panel door with white series

III EY200 Digital Earth Tester
Yokogawa EY200

EY200 Series Digital Earth Testers

• Designed to safety standard IEC 61557
• Reference to IEC 60529: Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP54)
• Large, easy-to-read LCD digital display 1999-count digital reading

• 2P Test leads (for simplified measurement)
• Warns when earth resistance of auxiliary earth spikes exceeds permissible limit

III 3207 Insulation Tester
Yokogawa 3207

3207 Insulation Polytesters

• Measurement Functions:
• Insulation Resistance
• Earth resistance
• Earth voltage
• AC Voltage
• AC Current

III Model MT220 Digital Manometer
Yokogawa MT220

MT220 Series

• High accuracy: ±0.01% of reading
• Measurement with DCV and DCA
• 24 V DC output
• Percent Reading
• Error Reading
• Measurement data memory
III Model MT210/MT210F Digital Manometer
Yokogawa MT210

MT210 Series

• High accuracy: ±0.01% of reading
• Wide range of pressures
• Select from three modes
• Percent Reading
• Error Reading
• Multiple outputs & interfaces
III Model MC100 Pneumatic Pressure Standard
Yokogawa MC100

MC100 Series

• High accuracy: ±0.05% of reading
• Excellent stability
• Low temperature coefficients
• Zero point: ±0.003% of full scale
• Divided output with as many as 20 steps
• Autostep output funciona
III Model MT10 Pneumatic Pressure Standard
Yokogawa MC100

MT10 Series

• High Reliabiltiy
• Compact
• Accuracy ± (0.04% of rdg + 0.03% of F.S.)
• Data Hold Function
• Carrying case
• Three models: 130 kPa, 700 kPa, 3000 kPa