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Mass Interconnect Systems

Connector Technology is facing new and ever-growing challenges. With the advent of smaller packaging, higher contact densities and high speed signals, connector companies are faced with new requirements every day. To meet these requirements, Virginia Panel Corporation is equipped with the latest technology for manufacturing interface systems. VPC provides the customer with the most advanced , high quality connector interface available in the market.
VPC Mass Interconnect Solutions
  • The new S6 from VPC offers a low profile, cost-effective Mass InterConnect system for small rack and tabletop testing applications. Designed to withstand the rigors of repeated mating and un-mating cycles, the S6 provides an ideal platform for consolidating multiple test instrument connections while taking up only 1U of rack height. With two innovative, positive-lock latching mechanisms for reliable engagement, the receiver unit has integrated guide pins to ensure consistent lead-in with every connection.
G12 Series, Mass Interconnect Systems
  • The new G12 Mass InterConnect from VPC offers a low profile solution for rapid connectivity between instrumentation and devices under test. With multiple interconnect options in a modular, reconfigurable interface device, the G12 is ideal for commercial, contract manufacturing, automotive, and other high-volume testing environments.
G2 Series, Mass Interconnect Systems
  • The Gemini G² from Virginia Panel Corporation offers the power of InterConnect technology in a compact, high-density, two-module package. Simultaneously engaging a wide range of Interconnect options in multiple configurations, the G² provides a rapid alternative to repeated connect/disconnect of individual leads and connectors in a rugged, reliable system.
PXI & SCXI Series, Mass Interconnect Solutions
  • VPC ’s Receivers mount directly to any device based on EIA 19 ” rack or to self-standing applications such as the PXI/SCXI Combination Chassis, SCXI Chassis, or PXI (14-slot) Chassis as well as 6 slot PXI Chassis.
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