Think Electro-Meters for all your Tester needs!

Electro-Meters distributes a wide variety of portable and bench testers and multi-meters for all applications and all budgets.
Digital Panel and Switchboard Meters
Yokogawa Test & Measurement Instrumentation
Yokogawa has been developing measurement solutions for nearly 100 years, consistently finding new ways to give R&D teams the tools they need.
  • High Accuracy Portable Calibrators/Sources/Analyzers Yokogawa has a complete line of portable instruments for your every need, ranging from: Digital Meters, Pressure Instruments, Signal Generators, Thermometers, Time Analyzers, Universal Counters, Voltage and Current Sources.
  • Yokogawa Portable Testers An extensive product lineup including clamp-on meters, insulation and earth testers, digital thermometers and thermo collectors.
Megger All-Purpose and High-Accuracy Digital Multimeters
Megger multimeters provide a complete solution to electrical and electronic troubleshooting. All meters are CE marked and designed to international standards and are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure reliability and durability. Ideal for laboratory and field use.
  • Transformer Testers The complete line of Megger equipment makes transformer testing easy and accurate.
High Precision, Bench Style, Digital Multimeters
DM3068,DM3058,DM3058E Digital Multimeters are designed with multiple functions, high precision, high performance and automatic measurement in mind. High-speed data acquisition and high stability. Support for all types of sensors.
AEMC Multimeters
AEMC® offers a wide range of multi-meters to suit your test and measurement needs.
  • Transfomer Testers AEMC offers offers three testers for motor and transformer testing, A ratiometer, (turns ratio meter), phase and motor rotaiton testers