Superior Electric 10B & 10C Series

Powerstat Variable Transformers

10C series Powerstats
  • PowerKote® coating for increased ratings and longer life
  • Excellent regulation and high efficiency
  • Linear output
  • Negligible wave distortion
  • 120 VAC, 400Hz, 3A, 0.37kVA, 1 or 3Ø
  • Operates between 50-2000Hz
  • Manually selectable output voltage
  • Dial graduated 0 to 100 positions (322° deflection)
  • Open construction design for back-of-panel mounting
  • Power Boost of 10% voltage (tapping arrangement)
  • Large heat radiator provides long brush life
  • UL and cURus recognized
  • Military versions available upon request
Product Description:
The 10B and 10C series are continuously adjustable variable transformers with movable brushes and taps mounted on a commutator to vary the voltage output.The voltage Dial is graduated in decades up to 100, outputting voltages between 0 to 120 VAC or with the boost connection to a maximum voltage of 132 VAC.The 10B and 10C minimal wave distortion make these powerstats ideal for OEM, testing and in-panel applications. The 10 series is available in a 1, 2 or 3Ø configurations, and are rated at 2.25A for constant current loads, and at 3 amps for constant impedance loads such as incandescent lamps or resistance heaters etc., voltage is drawn nearly proportionally to applied voltage.
The 10B and 10C series require minimal maintenance. These long lasting powerstats provide reliable performance under extreme conditions. The only elements that require periodic maintenance are the brushes prt# 030098-001 and 030098-004. They are easily and quickly replaced at a nominal cost.
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