Rish Delta Power Multi-function Panel-mount
Power Meters

Measures Voltage, Current, Frequency, RPM, On and Run Hour Power, Power Factor, Energy and Demand


  • Fast & Easy Installation
  • True RMS measurement – measures distorted waveform up to 15th harmonic
  • Limit Switch control (optional)
  • 3 Line 4 Digits ultra bright LED Display (up to 9999)
  • On site Programmable CT/PT Ratios
  • User selectable CT Secondary 1A/5A
  • User selectable PT Secondary from 100 VLL to 500 VLL
  • Storage of MIN / MAX values
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  • User selectable 3ph-3wire / 3ph-4wire / single-phase network.
  • Measurement & Display of RPM, Run hours, On hours, No. of interruption
  • RPM Measurement: displays Rotations per minute for generator applications
    • Number of poles can be set on site depending upon application requirement
  • 3 line, 4 digits LED display: Simultaneous display of 3 Parameters
  • Two auxiliary Power Suppies available 40V – 300V AC DC or 12V-48V DC


  • Generator Applications
  • Monitoring Power and Energy systems
  • Limit protection


RISH Delta PØWER is a three-phase multi-function power and energy meter for monitoring power and energy management systems. This cost-effective meter provides extra value by replacing multiple panel meters, ideal for panels where space is at a premium. The RISH Delta PØWER is on-site programmable, the primary CT and PT ratios as well as the secondary can be adjusted via front panel key or remotely. The Delta Power is available with an optional limit switch (relay) and will trip if the programmed parameters are exceeded. Max. and Min values for System Voltage, System Current, Run Hour, ON Hour & number of interrupts can be stored and are updated every 60 second for review of alarm situations.

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Literature and Technical Information

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Panel Instrumentation

++ RISH Delta POWER Series – Power Meters
Model: Rishabh Delta Power multi-function meter
Specific Accuracies
Voltage: ±1.0% of Nominal value
Current: ±1.0% of Nominal value
Frequency: 0.5% of mid frequency
Active Power: ±1% of Nominal value
Re-Active Power: ±1% of Nominal value
Apparent Power: ±1% of Nominal value
Power Factor: 2 % of Unity
Phase angle 2 % of Unity
Measuring Input (AC Voltage)
Nom. Voltage (AC RMS)
Phase –Neutral 290V L-N , Line-Line 500V L-L
Max . input voltage: 120% of rated value (continuous)
Nominal Voltage Burden: < 0.3 VA approx. per phase (For external auxiliary meter)
PT secondary 100VLL to 500VLL programmable
PT primary 100VLL to 692kVLL programmable on site.
Measuring Input (AC Current)
Nom. Current (AC RMS)
5A / 1A AC RMS
Max . input Current: 120% of rated value (continuous)
Nominal Current Burden: < 0.2 VA approx. per phase
PT secondary From 1A up to 9999A (for 1 or 5 Amp )
PT primary 100VLL to 692kVLL programmable on site.
Auxiliary Supply:
AC DC External Aux:
40 V – 300V AC-DC (± 5 % )
DC Auxiliary Supply: 12V- 48V DC
Self powered: input voltage range from 80% to 100% of Rated value.
(Self powered meter is available only in 3Phase 4 Wire and Single Phase network.)
Auxiliary input is derived from Phase 1 (R phase)
Frequency range: 45 to 65 Hz
VA burden: 3 VA Approx.
DC burden: 3W
Operating Measuring Ranges:
Voltage – External Aux: 10… 120% of rated value
Voltage – Self Power 80… 120% of rated value
Current Range: 10 … 120% of rated value
Frequency: 45…65 Hz
Power Factor: 0.5 Lead … 1 … 0.5 Lag
Limit Switch (Relay): 240 VDC ,5 A (1NO+1NC)
Display update: 1 sec approx.
General Specifications
Case rating: IP 50 -Front
IP 65- Front (optional)
IP20 – back
Case Materials: Lexan 940 (polycarbonate)
Flammability class: UL 94 self extinguishing
Overload Withstand: Voltage: 2 x rated value for 1 second, repeated 10 times at 10 second intervals
Current: 20x rated value for 1 second, repeated 5 times at 5 min intervals
Insulation: 3.7 kV AC, 50Hz for 1 minute between Aux. and measuring inputs
Mounting: Panel mounting
Weight: approx. 04kg
Operating Temp.: 0 to +50°C
Storage Temp: –25°C to +70°C
Relative Humidity: 0… 90% non condensing
Ambient Tests: IEC 61326-1: 2005 (EMC)
IEC 61010-1-2001 , Permanently connected use (safety)
IEC60529 (Water and Dust)