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Found in 1989, Preen AC Power Corp. is a leader in power supply systems and has been developing products based on the core technology of Power Conversion. We boast one of the broadest power supply product lines, including AC Power Sources, DC Power Supplies, Renewable Energy Simulators, Line Conditioners and UPS.

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  • APS Series
III APS Series Automatic Solid State Voltage Regulator
Preen APS

APS Series Voltage Regulator

    Preen’s APS series of solid state voltage regulators boast high precision and short response time. Using electronic compensation design topology, the APS series can detect fluctuation on input voltage and compensate to provide pure and stable voltage. The APS series has single-phase and three-phase models with power level up to 300kVA and input voltage range of ± 18% or ± 25% optional. The ±2% voltage regulation and ≤4ms response time make it ideal for applications requiring high accuracy.

    Applications: Mobile/laptop SMT production lines, medical equipment, communication equipment, communication stations, EMC test and laboratory use.

  • Wide input voltage range : rated voltage ± 18% ~ ± 25%
  • Fast response : ≤4ms / step
  • Optional EMI filter for better power quality
  • CE mark with high electromagnetic compatibility performance
  • High input power factor: ≥0.95
  • High efficiency: up to 98% at full load
  • Customized outdoor cabinet to increase protection class to IP54
  • Comprehensive protection includes over voltage, over current, over load, input under voltage and over temperature
  • Optional surge protection with different levels

DC Power Supplies

III ADC Power Supplies 
ADC Power Supply

ADC Series

    Utilizing PWM switching technology, Preen’s ADC series DC power supply has high power density, short response time, high accuracy and well-around protection. It has been widely adopted in prod production line, burn-in test, laboratories and integrated system. Featuring a straightforward user interface, the ADC Series has advantages of modular design with compact size and light weight. It has three models of 2kW, 4kW and 8kW unit, and can be paralleled up to 64kW with 19 inches cabinet. With flexible configuration design, ADC series can meet needs of various applications with high price-performance ratio.

  • High power density: 2kW and 4kW models are 2U, and 8kW model is only 4U
  • CE mark with high electromagnetic compatibility performance
  • Comprehensive protection includes over voltage, over current, over load, input under voltage and over temperature
  • Remote sense for line drop compensation of 0~3V
  • Current limit function
  • Three 19-inch cabinet available (18U、32U、42U)
  • Optional RS232 and RS485 interfaces available
  • O/P Power: 2-64kW
  • O/P Voltage: 0-600V, max output voltage is 30V-600V
III APS Series Automatic Solid-State Voltage Regulator
Preen ADG

APS Series AC Voltage Regulator

    Preen’s ADG series is a programmable DC power supply with high power density and high output power, offering great response time, high accuracy and many output voltage and current combinations. With output power up to 100kW per unit, the ADG series offers output voltage up to 1600V and output current up to 2000A. Users can select standard RS-485 interface or optional RS-232 and GPIB. The STEP and GRADUAL modes allow easy setup on test sequence and depending on CV/CC settings and load conditions, ADG series can operate as a current or voltage source. Its remote sensing feature can effectively reduce voltage drop caused by cable length and provides more flexibility on installation.

    Applications: ADG is ideal for testing EV’s motor/compressor, server power supply, fuse/circuit breaker/contactor, and PV inverter or can be used as a facility power or EMC chamber power.

  • Wide output voltage range: with maximum voltage up to 2000V, ideal for renewable energy, smart grid, and Electric Vehicle (EV) related applications
  • High Efficiency and Power Factor: up to 90% efficiency and power factor
  • High Output Power: up to 100kW in one chassis with high power density
  • Fast Transient Response Time: <4~12ms
  • 12 Different Output Voltage Ranges & 41 Models
  • Standard RS485 interface with Modbus compatibility and optional RS232 and GPIB interfaces
  • CV and CC Modes
  • Programming Sequence Function: STEP and GRADUAL modes allow users to easily set sequences of start/ end voltage, run time and current for testing purposes.
  • 4.7” Touch Screen Display for Easy Operation
  • Remote Sense for Line Drop Compensation
  • Comprehensive Protection: Input OVP/UVP, output OVP/OCP, OTP

AC Power Source

III PFV AC Power Source 
Preen AFV

PFV AC Power Source

    The PFV series is the latest programmable AC power source with four-quadrant regenerative function to return energy back to the grid. With power level up to 200kVA, Preen’s PFV series provides output voltage range of 0~300V and output frequency of 45~65Hz. Users can select communication interfaces of standard RS-485 and RS-232 and optional GPIB, LAN, and USB. The PFV series also have programming sequence functions of STEP and GRADUAL modes, three phase independent control, phase angle control, disturbance function and regenerative function.

    Applications:Testing on motor, compressor, vehicle to grid (V2G), generator and others that requires energy feedback

  • Regenerative function can sink the energy from load and return to the grid
  • Three phase independent control to set voltage of each phase
  • Phase angle control to set angle between each phase
  • Soft start function to reduce inrush current from motor type UUT
  • Programming Sequence Function: STEP and GRADUAL modes allow users to easily set sequences of start/ end voltage, frequency and run time for testing purposes
  • Touch screen display for easy operation
  • Comprehensive protection includes over voltage, over current, over load, input under voltage and over temperature with over 20 corresponding error codes and event log for easier trouble shooting
  • Standard RS232 and RS485 interfaces and optional GPIB, USB and LAN interface available
  • Latest patented power module with high power density and swappable design for better reliability and serviceability