Pickering Interfaces PXI 41-620

3 Channel Function Generator

PXI Power Module
Key Features:
  • DC to 10MHz
  • Three Channels in One 3U Slot
  • 48-bit Frequency Resolution
  • Simple Generation of Repetitive ArbitraryWaveforms
  • DC Offset Capability
  • Flexible Sweep Capability
  • Amplitude Modulation Capability
  • Comprehensive Triggered Support
  • VISA Driver Supplied
  • Complies With PXI and CompactPCISpecifications
  • This module is suitable for applications requiring switching of either mains voltage or DC current.
Product Description: 
The 41-620 is a compact 3 channel function generator provided in a PXI 3U single slot module. It is capable of generating sine waves to 10MHz with 48-bit frequency resolution referenced to the 10MHz PXI clock or to an external standard. The 41-620 can generate arbitrary waveforms loaded into the internal 256k memory, allowing the function generator to emulate many waveform types, including the typical waveforms of automotive and aerospace sensors.The function generator provides a very simple method of providing variable output frequencies through the use of Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS), making it far easier to use than an ARB for repetitive waveform generation.The 41-620 is capable of generating fast swept frequency signals, permitting the output to emulate the operation of variable speed devices. Sweeps can be single shot events or continuous up and down ramps. The DDS technology ensures the 41-620 settling time is extremely fast, being limited only by the update time over the PXI bus.The 41-620 supports the PXI Trigger functions to allow triggered events from other instruments to initiate waveform generation or sweeps.
  General Information:
Specification (each channel)
Frequency range: DC to 10MHz (sine wave).
Frequency resolution: 48-bit
Frequency accuracy: As PXI backplane 10MHz clock
Frequency sweep: Frequency sweeps can be single or continuous (ramp up and/or down) phase continuous through use of DDS sweep facility:
Maximum Output: ±10V, open circuit load
Maximum Voltage: 10V pk to pk, open circuit load
Output Offset Voltage: Settable from -5V to +5V in 10mV steps.
Output DAC resolution: 10-bit
Signal Level Control: 0 to -40dB, <0.1dB steps.
Output Impedance: 50Ω
Output Loading: Capable of driving 600Ω with 10V peak e.m.f. Typically capable of driving a 50Ω load with 6V peak e.m.f. output (DC and signal).
AM Input
Functionality: Single input connection can be used to amplitude one, two or three output channels. AC coupled, modulation frequency range 10Hz to 20kHz.
Waveform memory: 256k per channel of fixed length Permits any waveform to be loaded and replayed, including sine, square, ramp. Waveform fidelity limited by fixed 15MHz low pass filter. (AM and DC offset set to 0) SFDR: >40dB (DC to 1MHz, 5Vpp) >35dB (1MHz to 10MHz, 5Vpp) Amplitude accuracy: ±2% DC to 1MHz 0 to -15% (typically -8%) at 10MHz Clock source:10MHz PXI clock or external clock source.Trigger:Level or edge triggered operation. Initiates single shot or continuous operation PXI Trigger sources or external source.Level::Clock and trigger inputs require DC coupled signal derived from 5V CMOS logic drivers, nominal +2.5V input threshold voltage.Physical ParametersConnectors:SMB front panel connectors.Physical Characteristics:One slot, 3U PXIPCI Interface: 33MHz 32-bit address 16-bit data Operating temp0°C to +55°CStorage Temperature-20°C to +75°CHumidity:Up to 90% non-condensingSafety & CE Compliance All modules are fully CE compliant and meet applicable EU directives: Low-voltage safety EN61010-1:2001, EMC Immunity, EN61000-6-1:2001, Emissions EN55011:1998 space

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