Pickering Interfaces PXI 40-549

Single Pole 5A Power EMR Matrix Module

PXI Power Module
Key Features:
  • High Density, High Current Switching
  • 1-Pole Power Matrix Available in Single 16×4, Single 8×8, Dual 8×4 and Single 8×4 Formats
  • 5A Current Rating With 150W/1250VA Maximum Power
  • Hot Switch to 110VDC/250VAC, Cold Switch to 400VDC/250VAC
  • High Quality Electro-mechanical Relays
  • VISA, IVI & Kernel Drivers Supplied for Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Supported by PXI or LXI Chassis
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • This module is suitable for applications requiring switching of either mains voltage or DC current.
Product Description:
The 40-549 is a single pole power matrix module, suitable for switching inductive/capacitive loads up to 5A with 110VDC/250VAC hot switching and 400VDC/250VAC cold switching. It is available in single 16×4, single 8×8, dual 8×4 or single 8×4 configurations. Connections are made via a front panel 25 way D-type male connector.Power Matrix Modules are intended for switching heavy AC or DC loads or for slaving large external relays, contactors and solenoids. The module is suitable for applications requiring switching of either mains voltage or DC current.The 40-549 is fitted with electro-mechanical power relays with gold clad silver alloy contacts.
General Information:
Switching Specification
Cold Switching Capacity
Maximum Current: 5A
Maximum Voltage: 250VAC, 400VDC
Typical Pulse Capability: Cold Switch 10A for 100ms under low duty cycle conditions
Hot Switching Capacity
Maximum Current: 5A
Maximum Voltage: 250VAC, 110VDC
Maximum Power: 1250VA, 150W (For variation of maximum hot switching capacity of voltage with current refer to plot)
Minimum Switching Capacity: 10mA, 5VDC
On Path Resistance: <150mΩ (60mΩ typical)
Off Path Resistance: >109Ω
Bandwidth (3dB insertion loss into 50Ω typically better than): 20MHz
Crosstalk (channel to channel typically better than): -70dB @ 100kHz -55dB @ 1MHz -24dB @ 10MHz
Isolation (open channel typically better than): 75dB @ 100kHz 60dB @ 1MHz 20dB @ 10MHz
Operate Time: typically <10.5ms
Expected Life (operations)
Mechanical Life: >2×107
At Max Hot Switch Capacity: >5×104
Operating temp 0°C to +55°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to +75°C
Humidity: Up to 90% non-condensing
Pickering provide kernel, IVI and VISA (NI and Agilent) drivers which are compatible with Windows XP/Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. The VISA driver is also compatible with Real-Time Operating Systems such as LabVIEW RT. For other RTOS support contact Pickering.These drivers may be used with a variety of programming environments and applications including: National Instruments products (LabVIEW/LabWindows/ CVI/MAX/TestStand etc.) Microsoft Visual Studio products (Visual Basic/Visual C+) Agilent VEE Mathworks Matlab Geotest ATE Easy Drivers for popular Linux distributions are available, other environments are also supported
PXI & CompactPCI Compliance
The module is compliant with the PXI Specification 2.2. Local Bus, Trigger Bus and Star Trigger are not implemented. Uses 33MHz 32-bit backplane interface
Safety & CE Compliance
All modules are fully CE compliant and meet applicable EU directives: Low-voltage safety EN61010-1:2001, EMC Immunity, EN61000-6-1:2001, Emissions EN55011:1998
PXI & LXI Chassis Compatibility
Compatible with all chassis conforming to the 3U PXI and 3U cPCI specification. Compatible with Legacy and Hybrid peripheral slots in a 3U PXI Express chassis. Compatible with Pickering Interfaces LXI Modular Switching chassis.
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