Monarch Instrument Enregistreurs sans Papier

L’industrie exige un niveau élevé de fiabilité, une meilleure efficacité, une plus grande flexibilité et des coûts inférieurs. Ces exigences de l’industrie ont été maintenus clairement au point lorsque Monarch a conçu son quatrième génération de systèmes d’enregistrement sans papier.

Paperlesss Recorders
Data Chart DC-1200 Recorder Series

Because your data is so important Data Chart recorders were designed to be ultra-reliable. We chose the finest components available and combined them with a robust modular mechanical structure. This optimized design means fewer components are needed. Fewer components means fewer failures. Up to 2 Megabytes of non-volatile memory keeps your data safe. You will never lose recorded data, even during a power outage. Data is downloaded automatically to your choice of removable media: 3.5” 1.44 Meg disk or CompactFlash™ card (up to 128 MB in size).

DC-1200 Data-Chart recorders are virtually maintenance free. No paper or pens to replace, no mechanical parts to wear out and because they are digital instruments, they requires less time to calibrate. This allows you to use your time more efficiently.

Data Chart recorders are unparalleled in providing the highest level of flexibility of any paperless recorder made in the world. Universal inputs, networking capability, powerful math packages and a multitude of display choices allow you to display, record and communicate your data the way you want.

Data Chart DC-2000 Recorder Series

DC-2000 communication options offer great flexibility in accessing data or controlling the DC2000. Data can be accessed and downloaded over standard phone line using the RS232C option and a modem. The RS485 Modbus option will allow the DC2000 to be installed into an existing Modbus network or you can connect up to thirty one recorders in series. The 10BaseT Ethernet port option allows direct connection to LAN’s or WAN’s and the standard TCP/IP protocol means that you can transfer data over the Internet.

There are more than 20 display modes to choose from. This gives you unparalled flexibility to view only the data you need to see in virtually any format. Grouping of channels maximizes efficiency. Display Modes Alarm/Events Digital Indicators.

  • 2, 4 or 6 direct universal inputs: DC voltage, current, RTD and thermocouples.
  • Multiple storage media options: 3 1/2” 1.44Mb disk, 100Mb
  • ZIP™ disk or ATA Flash PCMCIA card up to 200Mb.
  • 5.6” Brilliant TFT active matrix color display or 5” monochrome display.
  • Intuitive Touchscreen Control with anti-glare coating.
  • IP65 rated front panel.
  • Standard DIN enclosure: 144mm x 144mm bezel