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Megger® Model M8000

Dual Display Digital Multimeters
Megger M8000 digital multimeters


  • Selectable 4,000 and 40,000 count display
  • Dual display, Digital and Analog
  • Analog bar graph updates 128 times every second
  • True RMS (AC & DC) and average responding models
  • Basic accuracy from 0.08%
  • 4,000/40,000 counts
  • Fast 150 μs Audible Continuity Test
  • Record Max, Min, Max-Min and Average
  • Data Store & Recall (MEM)
  • Relative Zero, Relative Percentage and Relative per Unit modes

4,000/40,000 Counts:


To ensure maximum speed, accuracy and resolution, the fast 33⁄4 digit 4,000 count display updates 5 times per second (nominally). The user-selected 10 x higher resolution mode 43⁄4 digit count display updates approximately every 3⁄4 s, and is available in most measurement functions.

Analog Bar Graph:


The 43 segment analog bar graph updates 128 times/sec in d.c. voltage and resistance functions enabling the user to easily detect faulty contacts, identify potentiometer clicks and indicate signal spikes during adjustments. In other modes and other functions the bar graph updates 20 times/sec showing excellent trending characteristics.

Dual Display:


Innovative LCD and microprocessor technology has been utilised to provide dual displays in various modes. Using this feature one can simultaneously display a.c. volts + frequency, a.c. amps + frequency, conductance + resistance, duty cycle + frequency, dbm + frequency and values + events.

Fast 150 μs Audible Continuity Test:


The audible continuity test is a quick go/no-go test that distinguishes between an open and a closed circuit. The meter will give a continuous beep tone when the input resistance drops below 10 ½. This is useful for checking wiring connections and operation of switches.

Relative Functions:


There are three different relative modes to choose from; Relative Zero, Relative Percentage and Relative per Unit. In Relative Zero mode the user is allowed to offset the meter measurements with a relative reference value, therefore subtracting this reference from any further measurement. In Relative Percentage change mode the bar graph automatically indicates ±200% or ±20% for full scale changes with respect to the Relative Reference value which becomes centre zero point. This simplifies zero, peaking, nulling measurements and is excellent for fine adjustments. The final relative range is Relative per Unit which shows the ratio of measuring values to the relative base value. For example measuring the parallel capacitance of co-axial cable or parallel wire in conjunction with the Relative per Unit mode, helps estimate the total cable length or pinpoint cable breakdown locations.

Record Max, Min, Max-Min and Average:


Using the Record you can easily track intermittent signals, capture turn-on/turn-off surges and monitor line voltage changes over a much wider dynamic range with the highest resolution. The faster the sampling speed, the more accurate the measurement of surges, spikes and sags will be. The true average continually calculates all readings taken over time.

Data Store & Recall (MEM):


This feature stores the whole display data in memory for later recall. The memory will remain even in auto-poweroff mode and can also be recalled at any time, even while being operated in another measuring function.


The M8000 Series of advanced analog/digital multimeters from Megger use the latest microprocessor technology to provide the most comprehensive measuring ranges and features in a hand held instrument.

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The M8000 models provide more advanced features for applications requiring more extensive measuring capabilities. The M8037 is the is the top-of-the-line instrument. It measures TRMS dc and ac which will allow more accurate measurements of various waveforms: sine, sawtooth, square, pulse trains, triangle, spikes, etc., as well as distorted waveforms with the presence of harmonics. The M8037 also features a backlight display for easier reading in poorly illuminated areas. Both the M8035 and M8037 have basic accuracies of 0.08%, dual displays and the choice of operation in the manual or autoranging mode.

Capacitance, frequency, conductance and diode test facilities are included as standard features, plus for more advanced measurement applications the ability to record, store, sort and compare results is also provided.

Display: 4,000 count (updated every 0,2s) 40,000 count (updated every 0,8s) Bargraph (updated every 8 ms)

Dual display: 10,000 counts

Data Hold, Data record, 50 ms response, autorange max, min, max-min span, average, Store & Recall

Relative zeroing with centre-zero auto-zoom bargraph relative units, relative % change, relative per unit change

Quick Continuity test: response <150 μs, turn on <10 Ω, turnoff >60 Ω

Line Frequency filter: 60/50 Hz switchable

Diode Test: 4,000 count V range, test current (typical) 0,8 mA open circuit<3,5 V d.

Automatic PowerOff: 5 minutes (default)/5 sec/off

Safety rated to IEC 1010 Cat III 600 V, Cat II 1000 V EMC In accordance with IEC61326 including amendment No.1

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pdf icon Description
++ M8000 Series Specification sheet (1.6 MB)
Ranges and Accuracies:
8037 8035
A.C. Conversion Type: True RMS Average responding
Backlit LCD:
0,8 ms response, Max, Min Max-Min
0,8 ms response, Max, Min Max-Min
Auto-ranging, Max, Min,
Input Warning:
Audible & Visible
Total Functions:
55 Ranges
400 mV to 1 kV in 6 ranges
Best Resolution:
Basic Accuracy:
± 0,08% ± 1 digit(0,5% ±6d on 40,00 mV)
NMRR @ 50/60 Hz:
> 60 dB
CMRR @ DC, 50/60 Hz:
> 120 dB @ d.c. & 50/60 Hz
ACV 400 mV to 750 V in 5 ranges
Best Resolution: 10 μV
Basic Accuracy: ±0,5% ±3 digits 50-60 Hz
Basic Bandwidth: 40 Hz – 20 kHz
CMRR @ DC, 50/60 Hz: > 60 dB
4000 μA to 10 A in 6 ranges
Best Resolution:
0,01 μA
Basic Accuracy (DC):
from ±0,2% ±2 digits to 1% ± 4 digits
Resistance 40 to 40 M Ω in 7 ranges
Best Resolution: 0,001 Ω
Basic Accuracy: <400 kΩ ±0,15% ±2 dig., 40 MΩ 1.5% ±5 dig
400 nS in 1 range
Best Resolution:
0,1 nS
Basic Accuracy:
±0,7% ±5 digits
4 nF to 40 mF in 8 ranges
Best Resolution:
1 pF
Basic Accuracy:
40 nF – 4 μF: 0,8% ±5 dig. <40 nF, >4 μF ±4%
Frequency 100 Hz to 4 MHz in 6 ranges
Best Resolution: 0,001 Hz
Basic Accuracy: ±0,002% ±3 digits
Duty Cycle
100% in 1 range
Best Resolution:
Basic Accuracy:
±0,5 digits/kHz±2 digits
4 V to 750 V in 4 ranges
Best Resolution:
0,1 mV
Basic Accuracy:
±0,8% ±8 digits(40 Hz – 20 kHz)
-60,7 dBm to 81,4 dBm Automatic with 20 reference Ω
Best Resolution:
0,01 dBm
Basic Accuracy:
±0,25 dBm ±2 digits@ 40 Hz to 20 kHz