Megger ® BM15 and MJ15 Series

5kV Insulation and Continuity Testers

BM15 and MJ15 Major Megger Insulation Testers
  • Four test voltages to 5 kV
  • Voltage range to 600 V indicates auto discharge
  • Pass/fail overlays for rapid testing
  • Large, single scale analog display
  • Auto voltage measurement function indicates conductor and auto discharge potential
  • Supplied with optional locking test button for maximum safety
  • Safety recessed terminals and long connectors
  • Four output test voltages
  • Simple to use
  • CE marked
  • Dual power supply option on MJ15
  • Unique scale overlay for pass/fail bands
  • Shock mounted analog scale for rugged outdoor use
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The BM15 & MJ15 are compact 5 kV insulation testers. They are very simple to use and provide a quick and accurate reading of insulation resistance. The instruments use an analog display with a maximum reading of 20 Gohm.

A voltage range of four test voltages enables measurement of ac or dc conductor potential. The four test voltages available are 500 V, 1 kV, 2.5 kV and 5 kV. The instruments are supplied with a locking or non-locking test button. The locking button allows hands-free testing, the non-locking button is recommended to prevent accidental mis-use and injury.

A bezel allows a scale plate overlay to be added with PASS/FAIL bands for GO/NOGO testing. This is particularly useful for less experienced users and enables a rapid decision to be made. The new instruments have a choice of power source, eight x LR6 (AA) alkaline cells or the MJ15 offers an additional hand cranked generator. If the test button is pressed the MJ15 uses battery power. Otherwise the crank handle is turned to save battery power or for use when the batteries are unavailable. Both units are built into a rugged case designed for outdoor use.

  •   Insulation is important for the safety of all electrical systems, providing a barrier to hazardous live conductors. Insulation can deteriorate due to the affects of moisture, sunlight and heat. A reduction in the value of insulation resistance can lead to a potentially dangerous situation caused by the dangers of electric shock, or arcing causing fire. If insulation resistance is regularly monitored unusually low values can be investigated before they cause danger, or inconvenience and cost due to equipment downtime for repairs.
  • The BM15 & MJ15 are general purpose, 5 kV insulation testers for electrical contractors and engineers who test machinery, transformers, switchgear, cables, etc.
  • This BM15 and MJ15 are used by:
    • Electrical Contractors
    • Maintenance Engineers
    • Telecommunications Engineers
    • Gas and Water Utilities
    • Railway Companies
    • Cable Manufacturers
    • Mining Companies
Insulation Range: 100 kΩ to 20 GΩ (also 0 Ω and ∞)
Test Voltages 500 V, 1000 V, 2500 V & 5000 V
Accuracy: ±2.5% of full scale deflection
Range: 0 to 600 V ac Indication of dc
Accuracy: ± 2.5% f.s.d. ac (with rotary switch in the V position)
Short Circuit Current: 1.5 mA ± 0.5 mA
Test Voltage Stability: <±1% (180 r.p.m. to 240 r.p.m. MJ15)
Test Voltage Accuracy: ±5% of nominal test voltages on 20 MΩ load
Operating: 32° F to 86° F (0° C to 30° C) at full specification-4° F to 122° F (-20° Co 50° C) with temperature coefficient ±0.1%/°C
Storage: -13° F to 149° F (-25° C to 65° C)
Meets the safety requirements for double insulation to IEC 1010-1 (1995) EN61010 (1995) to installation Category III***, 300 V phase to earth (ground) or 600 V Category I****Relates to transient overvoltage likely to be found in fixed installation wiring. *Relates to transient overvoltage likely to be found in special equipment or parts of equipment, telecommunication, electronic etc.
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Power SupplyBM15 8 x AA cells (LR6 or rechargeable) MJ15 Low voltage brushless Generator and 8 x AA cells (LR6 or rechargeable) five second tests at 5 kV on 100 MΩ load Battery Indicator Loaded battery test Non Replaceable Fuse 1 Amp, 250 V, HBC type (F) (20 mm x 5 mm) to IEC 127/1 This fuse protects the instrument against any faults occurring when using rechargable batteries. E.M.C Meets EN 50081-1 and EN 50082-1 (1992) with a maximum error of ±5% f.s.d. in areas of high R.F. Dimensions 8.9 in. x 6.3 in. x 4.5 in. (220 x 160 x 115 mm) WeightBM15 Approx 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg) MJ15 Approx 3.5 lbs (1.6 kg), or 4 lbs (1.8 kg)   index web