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Megger provides a full service solution to meet your electrical test and measurement needs. Our products provide testing solutions in the most critical maintenance areas including cable fault locating, protective relay testing, on-line monitoring of substation apparatus, and power quality testing. With such a diverse product offering, we are the single source for electrical test and measuring instruments.

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  • DET10C and DET20C Clamp-on Earth Resistance Testers
  • Megger DET3TC ART three pole earth testing kit
  • Megger DET3TA Analog Display Ground Testers
  • Megger DET4TD 2-3 or 4 pole Ground Resistance Testers
  • Megger DET3TD Three pole earth testing kit
  • Megger DET5/4D and DET5/4R Four Terminal Ground Tester
  • Megger DET62D Three Terminal Ground Resistance Tester

Megger Earth testers come in various models, including clamp-on, analog and digital versions.

  • DET3TC
  • DET10C/DET20C
  • DET3TA
  • DET4TD
  • DET3TD
  • DET5/4D/DET5/4R
  • DET62D
General Specifications
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