Magtrol Model 5600 Direction Indicator

magtrol 5600
Product Information:
  • Displays motor status and direction of rotation via front panel LED indicators or user-provided lamp/lighting device
  • Adjustable torque input levels to detect rotation and direction
  • Directional indicator (CW/CCW) may be disabled if motor is not in motion
Product Description:
The 5600 is used in conjunction with a Magtrol Hysteresis Dynamometer and Dynamometer Controller to provide a highly visible indication of motor status (running or stopped) and direction of rotation (clockwise or counterclockwise). The built-in LEDs on the front panel may be used as indicators or a 120 VAC lamp of up to 100 watts may be plugged into any or all of the front panel receptacles.To indicate direction of rotation, a circuit monitors the torque signal (both negative and positive) and, at a pre-determined torque level set by a sensitivity potentiometer located on the rear panel, the circuit lights the appropriate LED (CW or CCW). The encoder (speed) signal is monitored to detect if the motor is in motion, which results in the “RUN” and “STOP” indicators being activated.If direction indication (CW/CCW) is desired only when the motor is in motion, a back panel lockout jumper is provided to disable the torque signal.
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