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IT7300 series sets the new standard for high performance AC power sources. It is equipped with powerful features such as power line disturbance (PLD) simulation,Dimmer,Sweep and comprehensive measurement functions. IT7300 series has built-in LAN/RS232/USB/GPIB communication interface(IT7321 does not have GPIB). These features make the IT7300 series ideal for commercial, power electronics and military test applications from bench-top testing to mass production.

Applications: Ideal for commercial, power electronics, and military test applications from bench-top testing to mass production.

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III IT7300 Programmable AC Power Supply 
ITECH IT6300 AC Power Supply

IT7300 AC Power Supply

  • High accuracy and resolution
  • Compact and standard size (300VA @ 2U)
  • Programmable frequency:45HZ-500HZ
  • Display Vrms,Irms,Ipeak,frequency,PF,apparent power and active power simultaneously
  • IEC61000-4-11,IEC 61000-4-14,IEC 61000-4-28 voltage dips and frequency variation simulation
  • Power line disturbance simulation capability
  • Programmable voltage and current limit settings
  • Dimmer function
  • Turn on, turn off phase angle control(0-360°)
  • TTL signal which indicates output transient
  • Support front and rear panel output
  • List mode to generate surge, sag and other line disturbance simulations
  • Over-voltage, over-power, over-current, over-temperature protection features
  • Built-in LAN,RS-232 and USB interface programming with SCPI command language
  • Memory capacity:10 group

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