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Gossen has a complete family of measuring instruments for current, voltage, wattage, power factor, frequency, bimetal ammeters These meters are housed in a DIN standard square or rectangular, fire-proof and drip-proof case. A metal case is available for applications that require extra shielding. Changeable scales, subassemblies and built-in devices make these meters easy to adapt.

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Gossen has a full line of quadratic 90° arc meters, from AC and DC voltmeters, Ammeters, Ac ammeters with bi-metallic movements for maximum demand, Frequency, Power factor as well as power meters and specialized meters for your every application.
  • VPQS-90 Quadratic
  • VPQS-240 Long scale
  • PFFN Edgewise

Analog Panel Meters

VPQS-90 DIN Quadratic

III VPQS-90 Series 90° Quadratic DIN Analog Panel Meters

VPQS-90 Series, 90° Quadratic DIN Analog Panel Meters

  • Available in 48×48, 72×72, 96×96 and 144x144mm
  • Taut Band & Pivot & Jewel suspensions
  • Interchangeable scales
  • Moving coil(DC), iron vane(AC) and bi-metallic movements

Calibration Instruments

VPQS-240 DIN Analog Panel Meters

VPQS-240 Series 240° Long Scale DIN Analog Panel Meters

VPQS-240 Series, 240 ° Long Scale DIN Analog Panel Meters

  • Interchangeable scales
  • Moving coil (DC) movements
  • Taut band & pivot & jewel susensions
  • Available in 48×48, 72×72, 96×96 and 144x144mm

PFN & PFFN Edgewise Series DIN Analog Panel Meters

These high quality meters comply with DIN EN60051 (IEC51) requirements , with a standard accuracy of ±1.5% of full scale or better. Gossen meters are designed for applications that require reliable, rugged instruments with high resolution readings.
III PFN & PFFN Series Edgewise DIN Analog Panel Meters

AC, 400AAC, 600VAC, Ohms, Continuity

  • Moving coil movement
  • Taut-band and Pivot & Jewel suspensions
  • Pfn- Available in 48×24, 72×36, 96×48 and 144x72mm
  • Pffn- Available in 48×18.5, 72×18.5, 72×24 and 96x24mm
  • Overload of 120% of rated capacity, continuous