Dylix Corporation DPL Series

Process Differential Pressure Transmitters

Senex DPL Series  Differential Transmitters Characteristics:
  • 316 SST diaphragms and flanges
  • External zero and span adjustments
  • ±0.2% STR Static Accuracy
  • Hasteloy C-276/ Monel diaphragms
  • Hart Protocol
  • Local display
Product Description:

Designed for many markets/applications. Dylix’s DPL Series DP is a high static—low differential pressure transmitter based on proven capacitance sensing technology. Key feature of the sensing element is its isolation for induced stress which improves performance and long term stability over elevated line pressures.

Manufactured for extended life cycle. Reliability and stability are manufactured into every device using advanced manufacturing techniques. Extended burnin and thermal cycling are just a few extra steps Senex utilizes to ensure performance over time.

Entirely welded 316L SST pressure cavities. The DPL comes standard with 316L SST sensing diaphragms and process flanges to handle most aggressive fluids. Hasteloy C276 is optional.

General Specifications :
Power Supply
12 to 45 Vdc with no load
4-20 mAdc linear
Zero and Span Adjustment:
Warm up:
2 seconds max (with minimum damping)
Variable from 0.2 to 1.67 seconds
Power Supply Effect:
Less than +/-0.005% of span/volt input change
Load Effect:
No effect except power across transmitter
ILess than +/-0.1% FSO;20 to 1000 MHz; @ 30 V/m
Short Circuit :
Protected Up to 40 Vdc
Static Accuracy:
±0.5% FSO* (BFSL, RSS)(combined effects of non-linearity, hysteresis &repeatability)
Static Pressure Effect:
On zero =±0.25% FSO per 1,000 psiOn span =±0.5% of reading per 1,000 psi
Repeatability :
±0.05% FSO
Temperature Effects :
±1.5% FSO over comp range(combined effects of Zero & FSO with reference at 70 oF)
Long Term Stabily:
±0.25% FSO per year
Pressure Ranges
Standard Ranges (STR):
0-30”, 150”, 750” H2O
Range ability:
6:1 max
Maximum Static Pressure:
2000 psi
Overpressure Protection:
2000 psi without changing calibration
Burst Pressure:
8,700 psi
Static Accuracy:
+/-0.2% of calibrated span
Base Pressure EffectOn ZeroOn span
+-0.25% STR of standard range per 2000 psi+/-0.5% of reading for 0-30” H2O+/-0.25% of rdg per 1000 psi; 0-150” & 750”H2O
Temperature Effect:
+/-2.5% STR Total Error Band for 0-30”H2O+/-1.5% STR Total Error Band; 0-150” & 750”H2O
Vibration Effect: 0.05% STR per g to 200 Hz in any axis
Mounting Effect: Zero shifts up to 1” H2O depending on orientation
+/-0.2% STR per 6 months
Wetted Parts :‘0’-Rings
Diaphragms: 316L SSTOptions: Hasteloy C-276, Monel,Process Flanges: 316L SSTViton
Non-Wetted Parts:
Bolts: Plated carbon steelElectrical Housing: Low-copper aluminumPaint: PolyurethaneCover ‘O’-Ring: Buna-NFill Fluid: Silicon Oil
Prces Connection :
¼”-NPT Female*
Port Centers :
2 1/8”
Pressure Port:
¼”-NPT Female*
Electrical Connector :
½-14 NPT Female w/ screw terminals
Weight: Approximately 6.5
Temperature Limits Storage
-60 to + 250 °F
-40 to 200 °F
-40 to 250 °F
Volumetric Displacement: Less than 0.01 in3
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