Fournit le champ électrique avec les testeurs de référence rapide

telles que les identifiants de disjoncteurs, testeurs de phase moteur et de rotation, les séparateurs de lignes à courant alternatif qui augmentent la sensibilité des sondes de courant, sondes de tension et testeurs de prises.
AEMC Electrical Testers space

Circuit Breaker Identifiers


The Model CBI-1 makes it extremely easy and fast to find the circuit breaker or fuse that supplies a specific power receptacle or switch.

Model CBI-1 [Catalog No. 2115.49]

Phase / Motor Rotation Testers


The AEMC® Phase & Motor Rotation Tester provides three functions in one unit: open phase indication, 3-phase sequence indication and motor rotation indication. Input voltage range is 100V to 600VAC. Frequency range is 45 to 70Hz. The unit is battery operated (9V) and meets EN 61010 safety requirements.

Model PMR-1 [Catalog No. 2121.04]
  • Phase & Motor Rotation Meter Model PMR-1 ———- DISCONTINUED Replaced by 6609 ———-
Model PR-1 [Catalog No. 2121.06]

AC Line Splitters


The AC Line Splitter Model ALS-1 increases the sensitivity of clamp-on current probes and clamp-on meters. Avoiding splitting lines makes reading current easy. Simply plug the ALS-1 into a connector for a safe measurement. Direct readings are available.

Model ALS-1 [Catalog No. 2121.05]

Voltage Testers


The Voltage Tester is an ideal tool for checking wiring connections as well as grounding. It performs AC voltage tests up to 600VAC and DC voltage tests to 250VDC. The battery provides up to 5 hours of continuous operation.

Model SC-1 [Catalog No. 2121.01]

Outlet Testers


The Outlet Tester detects faulty wire in 3-wire receptacles. It detects open ground and neutrals as well as reversed hot/ground connections. Ideal for use on 100 to 125VAC receptacles.

Model OT-1 [Catalog No. 2121.02]
  • Outlet Tester Model OT-1 (110V) ———- DISCONTINUED Replaced by OT-2 ———-

Outlet / GFCI Testers


The Outlet/GFCI tester examines GFCI for proper operation. It detects faulty wiring in 120V 3-wire receptacles. It detects open grounds and neutrals as well as reversed hot-ground connections. Ideal for use on 100 to 125VAC receptacles.

Model OT-2 [Catalog No. 2121.03]