Cable Digital Multimeters

AEMC® offers a wide range of multi-meters to suit your test and measurement needs.
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Intrinsically Safe Digital Multimeters

  • The Model MX57EX is an intrinsically safe digital multimeter designed for use in dangerous or explosive atmospheres. This passive meter is free from inductive or capacitive issues in hazardous atmospheres.

50,000-Count Digital Multimeters

  • The 50,000-count AEMC® Digital Multimeters are designed for field and plant use. These meters provide high accuracy and resolution. For accurate measurements these meters display TRMS readings for AC or AC + DC. Provide ultra-high input impedance.

40,000-Count Digital Multimeters

  • The AEMC® 40,000-count digital multimeters are tough, reliable and economical high end meter. These average sensing meters also provide TRMS measurements. Safety rated to EN 61010, 600V Cat. III for protection against spikes and over-voltage.

5000-Count Digital Multimeters

  • The AEMC® 5000-count digital multimeters are accurate TRMS instuments designed for everday electrical applications. All standard multimeter functions are available including volts, amps, frequency, ohms, continuity, diode checking plus a low impedance AC volt mode.

4000-Count Digital Multimeters

  • The AEMC® 4000-count digital multimeters provide accurate average sensing or TRMS models for your linear loads and distorted signals. These DMMs are ideal for field operation: large backlit display, clear pushbutton functions, large rotary range selector.

2000-Count Digital Multimeters