Model TR03

Tone Receiver/Cable Tracer

AEMC® Model TR03 , Model TR03  Tone Receiver/ Cable Tracer


  • Compatible with Models CA7024, CA7026 and CA7028
  • Contains a frequency selective hi-gain, hi-impedance amplifier for clear pick-up
  • Rugged, moisture resistant mylar cone speaker
  • Convenient operation from a standard 9V battery
  • Volume control adjustment
  • Audio output jack for head phones
  • Pen size, fits into your pocket


  • Locate cable runs
  • Detect breaks in cables
  • Find cables in panels

Product Description:
space The Tone Receiver/Cable Tracer Model TR03 is a small, hand-held tracer that will aid in the identification of tone carrying wires without piercing their insulation. It has a self-contained amplifier and a rugged, moisture resistant speaker. When used in conjunction with the tone transmitter function of the Models CA7024, CA7026 or CA7028, wire tracing and locating is quick and efficient.One button turns the unit on and, while it is depressed, activates the receiver. A volume control allows you to set the speaker loudness to a desirable level. An audio output jack facilitates the use of an optional, commercially available ear piece which inhibits the Model TR03’s internal speaker. This provides quiet operation in office environments while allowing the operator to hear the signal clearly.
Power Source
9V Alkaline battery
Dimensions 6.7 x 1.3 x 1.0″ (170 x 34 x 25mm)
Weight 3.6 oz (104g)
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