AcuRev 1310

DIN Rail Multifunction Power & Energy Meter

Accuenergy Acurev 1310
The AcuRev 1310 DIN Rail meter combines high performance with ease of integration to provide a cost-effective power and energy monitoring solution. Featuring a built-in LCD display designed to simplify setup and local reading of meter data. While the Modbus-RTU and pulse output communication allows seamless integration with data acquisition systems.


  • Utility Revenue Grade Accuracy – IEC 62053-22 0.5s Class / ANSI C12.20 0.5 Class
  • Multiple CT Input Options compatible with any CT: 5A/1A, 333mV, Flexible Rogowski Coil, 80/100/200mA
  • 4 Channel current input including neutral current measurement
  • Residual current measurement available
  • 10-690Vac direct voltage input, fits all voltage rating system with one model
  • RS-485 port built-in with Modbus-RTU, standard integration with most systems
  • Standard Din-rail mount for ease-of-installation
  • Compatible with both 50Hz and 60Hz systems
  • Built-in energy pulse output and alarm output
  • Optional relay output for alarm and remote control
  • Tamper-proof design approved for revenue applications

Universal Rating

Voltage: Measuring from 10V to 400VL-N 690VL-L that works with most voltage ratings without a Potential Transformer. Potential transformer ratio configuration supported for high voltage systems where PT is used.
Frequency: Automatically adapt to 50Hz and 60Hz system without compromising the accuracy, which simplifies design and eliminates international OEM frequency issues.
Acurev 1310 Four-channel CT Input
Accurately measure neutral current with 4th CT and provide residual current measurement.
Auto Phase Check
Designed to automatically check most common wiring mistakes such as CT direction, voltage and current phase alignment.
Supports all Electrical System Configurations
Three-phase three-wire (3P3W), three phase four wire (3P4W), single-phase three-wire (1P3W two element), single-phase two-wire (1P2W one element) and more.

AcuRev 1310 Models

The AcuRev 1310 series is available in a number of configurations.
1311 1312 1313 1314
Bi-directional Energy Measurements:
Active Energy:
Reactive Energy:
Apparent Energy:
Timr of use:
Power Demand:
Peak Power Demand:
Predictive Demand (existing in AcuRev 2000):
Current Demand:
Peak Current Demand:
Neutral Current: Calculated Calculated Calculated
Residual Current: Calculated Calculated Calaulated Calculated
Active Power:
Reactive Power:
Apparent Power:
Power Factor:
Running Time:
Energy Pulse Output:
Relay Output:
RS485 Modbus-RTU:
Wiring Check:
Current Input: 5A/1A: Field-Configurable 5A or 1A Current Transformer Input 333mV: 333mV Current Transformer Input RCT: Flexible Rogowski Coil Current Transformer Input 80/100/200mA: Field-Configurable 80mA, 100mA or 200mA Current Transformer Input
I/O Options: One Relay output for alarm and remote control
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