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AcuMesh-K and AMX-Mesh Transceiver Series
Wireless RS485 Network

Metering solution designed to connect to devices via RS485 wirelessly

Works with any device with a RS485 communication port running any communication protocol.

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  • All devices are connected automatically upon powering up without configuration, no software required
  • Compatible with devices running any protocols via RS485 port, e.g. Modbus-RTU
  • Highly secure communication with 128 bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Advance configuration available for complex network setup with free software
  • Communicate wirelessly between power and energy meters, and any devices with RS485 running any protocol within a building or campus
  • Field-upgradable firmware
  • Long-range communication: 1000 ft (305m) indoor / 4 Miles (6.5km) outdoor in a single hop
  • “Mesh” network structure allows each transceiver to act as extension points for the network, allowing for a longer range of communication
  • Point to multi-point communication enabled with “mesh” structure
  • Automatic self-healing and optimizing communication pathway with reliable “mesh” network structure


  • Retrofit metering in existing buildings
  • Metering in campus
  • Metering in commercial buildings
  • Multi-tenant billing and sub-metering
  • Renewable energy array, string and inverter metering
  • Industrial facilities metering
  • Data acquisition from entire infrastructure


Accuenergy manufactures 2 transceiver models:

the AcuMesh-k transceiver- A Standalone transceiver, includes a 2db whip antenna and power supply.

the AMX-Mesh Transceiver Module- with an AcuMesh module that plugs in Acuvim II series meter directly, includes a magnetic mount 2 db antenna with 3-meter extension cable..

The Mesh transceiver provides wirelessly transmits data from energy meters and devices with RS485 communication remotely, making it possible to conveniently gather metering data from multiple locations in a building, or multiple buildings on a campus.
AcuMesh communication works out-of-box when connected to a meter or other MODBUS device. The automatic self-healing, self-optimizing network allows transceivers to find the optimal pathway for communication where other wireless methods such as Wifi and Zigbee failed to work.

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The Mesh transceiver works with any device with a RS485 running any communication protocol. For example, the most common protocol is Modbus. AcuMesh transceiver works with Modbus master, Modbus slave and data acquisition gateway, making the entire network wirelessly connected and reliable. The same compatibility applies to any other protocol running on RS485 network.

All Accuenergy meters can directly connect with the Mesh transceiver. We also designed the transceiver into a modular form that can directly plug-in to an Acuvim II power and energy meter.

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  • General Specifications
Literature and Technical Information

Data Acquisition Servers

++ Mesh Network Brochure | 299 kB
++ Mesh Network Manual | 2.2 MB
Model: Mesh Network Series
Transceiver AXM-Mesh Module
Connection: RS485 screw terminal, USB mini-B(power supply or configuration) Attached to Acuvim II Power Meter
Data Rate: 9600 bps
RF Properties
Operating Frequency Band: 902 to 928 MHz (900 MHz ISM Band)
Spread Spectrum: Frequency hopping
Number of Channels: 64
Transmit Power Output: 24 dBm (250 MW)
Receiver Sensitivity: -101 dBm
Indoor/Urban Range: Up to 1000′ (305 m)
Outdoor RF line-of-sight Range: up to 4 miles (6.5 km) with 2.1 dB dipole antennas
RF Data Range: Up to 200 kb/s
Impedance: 50 ohm unbalance
Network and Security
Supported Network Topologies: Mesh, point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, peer-to-peer
Addressing Options: Personal Area Network Identifier (PAN ID) and 64-bit MAC add addresses
Encryption: 128 bit Encryption Standard (AES)
Power Requirements: Power supply included Directly powered by meter
Power Supply: 100-240Vac 47-63Hz N/A
Receive current 60 ma(@9V) N/A
Transmit current: 140 mA(@9V) N/A
Physical Properties
Size: 4.5 x 2.75 x 1.125 in. (11.4 x 7.0 x 2.9 cm) N/A
Weight: 150g N/A
Operating Temperature: -40 to 85°C (Industrial)