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Megger® MIT510, MIT520 & MIT1020 Series

5kV & 10kV Insulation Testers
Megger MIT510 5kV & 10kV insulation testers


  • Mains or battery powered
  • Digital/analog backlit display
  • Variable test voltage from 50 to 5000 V
  • Automatic IR, PI, DAR, SV and DD tests
  • Measures to 15 TΩ (5 kV) and 35 TΩ (10 kV)
  • RS232 and USB download of results


The new 5 & 10 kV insulation resistance testers from Megger are designed specifically to assist you with the testing and maintenance of high voltage electrical equipment. IEEE 43-2000 recommends the use of 10 kV for motor windings rated above 12 kV and the Megger MIT1020 facilitates this. The case is incredibly rugged and easy to carry, being made of tough polypropylene and achieving an ingress protection rating of IP54. In addition, the model number is marked on both the top and side of the case for ease of identification in stores or vehicles. The instruments have a large easy to read backlit LCD display making it equally suitable for use in both bright sunlight and poorly lit environments. Information displayed includes resistance, voltage, leakage current, capacitance, battery status and time constant. In addition, the elapsed time of the test is displayed constantly removing the need for separate timers. The instrument can test when being powered by the mains or its internal rechargeable battery, a great benefit when site conditions are unknown or long term testing is required.

The WM6 tester is suitable for the direct measurement of insulation resistance and continuity of domestic and industrial wiring, cables, transformers, motors, generators, electrical machinery and appliances. It is suitable for use during installation and commissioning work as well as servicing and maintenance applications. The WM6 may be used to measure the insulation resistance of 415/240-V a.c. wiring installations to prove that they comply with wiring regulations.

The controls of the instrument are clear and unambiguous and a “quick start” guide is included in the lid of the instrument removing the need to carry bulky manuals under site conditions.

The instrument is fitted with a guard terminal to enhance accuracy. The guard test lead is included as standard with the instrument.

To further enhance the flexibility of the instruments both have the facility to set the test voltage in steps from 50 V to the maximum output voltage avoiding the expense of several insulation resistance testers to meet your application needs.

These IR instruments are designed to meet the highest safety standards and meets the requirements of EN61010. In addition, the instrument measures the voltage at the terminals and if this is above 50 V then the instrument will display the high voltage warning and inhibit testing. At the end of the test the instrument will automatically discharge the energy transferred to the equipment during the test phase.

The MIT520 and MIT1020 are equally suited to routine testing and diagnostic regimes being pre-programmed with IR, PI, DAR, SV and DD profiles.

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Increased measurement range to 15 TΩ, replacing the umbiguous “infinity” reading with an actual number that can be used for predictive/preventitive trending.

Expanded test voltage range from 50V to 10kV, in 10V increments to 1kV and 25V above 1kV

Additional automated standardized tests to include Step Voltage, Dielectric Absorption Ratio and Dlielectric Discharge tool

Capability to measure capacitance of test item from 1 nf to 50µF, providing the operator with an additional analytical tool

Testing is inhibited above 50V of external voltage, for redundant safety


Test voltages can be set in any 10V increment from 50V to 1kV, and above 1kV in 25V increments

RS232 and USB to download results

5 industry-standard tests

Insulation Resistance (IR)

Dielectric Absorption Ratio (DAR)

Polarization Index (PI)

Dielectric Discharge (DD)

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Insulation Ranges MIT510 & MIT520 MIT1020
Test Voltages: 50 V to 1 kV in 10 V steps, 1 kV to 5 kV in 25 V steps 50 V to 1 kV in 10 V steps, 1 kV to 10 kV in 25 V steps
Insulation Resistance Range: Digital display:10 kΩ to 15 TΩ (MIT520) to 35 TΩ (MIT1020)analog display:100 kΩ to 15 TΩ (MIT520) to 35 TΩ (MIT1020)
Accuracy ±5% to 100 GΩ±20% to 15 TΩ (MIT520) to 35 TΩ (MIT1020)
Short Circuit Current 3 mA
Voltage MIT510 & MIT520 MIT1020
Accuracy: ±2% ±1 V of nominal test voltage at 100 MΩ load±25 V for test voltages less than 500 V
Voltage input range: 85-260 V, 50/60Hz
Range : ±0.01 nA to ±5 mA
Accuracy: ±5% ±0.2 nA at all voltages
Capacitance MIT510 & MIT520 MIT1020
Capacitor discharge time: ≤5 seconds per µF to discharge from 5000 V to 50 V ≤5 seconds per µF to discharge from 10000 V to 50 V
Capacitor charge time: ≤5 seconds per µF at 3mA
Capacitance measurement: 1 nF to 50 µF (measured with test voltage ≥200 V)
Accuracy: ±5% ±5 nF