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Megger® BMM2500 & BMM2580 Series

Premium Insulation Multimeters
Megger BMM2500 Premium Insulation Multimeter


  • Data logging capabilities
  • Insulation measurement up to 200 Gohm (BMM2580)
  • 200 mA Continuity Range
  • Voltage, current and kΩ resistance measurement
  • Result storage and Data Logging
  • PowerSuite Compatible RS232 output
  • Download Manager Software included
  • Direct Printer Output
  • Electronic Locking Test Button
  • Remote control switched probe
  • Complete multimeter capability
  • Frequency measurement
  • mV transducer input
  • Backlight
  • Selectable locking test button
  • Data storage and downloading


The Megger BMM Series Multi-MEGGERS are a versatile range of hand-held insulation testers designed to extend the capability of insulation testers beyond anything available on the market today.

In addition to extremely high-sensitivity insulation resistance measurements (200 GΩ), these instruments offer complete multimeter testing capability and the ability to view the insulation measurement in terms of leakage current (µA). The top-of-the- range models also include data storage and download capability. The end user can now carry a single instrument to the test site rather than multiple instruments. BMM2500: Top of the range contractor/service technician insulation tester and multimeter featuring result storage, printing, and downloading. Offers the same voltage ranges as the BMM2000.

BMM2580: Top of the range low voltage/specialty application insulation tester and multimeter. Features include result storage, printing, and downloading. Voltage ranges of 50, 100, 250, 500, and 1000 are also available in this model. Additionally, all units are supplied with the SP1 Remote Switch Probe as a standard accessory (at no additional cost) for hands-free operation.

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The instruments utilise a large backlit LCD display incorporating a patented analog arc which incorporates the benefits of electronic analog indication and unambiguous digital readings. The analog scale provides rapid identification of insulation condition highlighting any variable readings and is complemented by the precision and simplicity of the digital display. The BMM2500 series provide the ideal mix of features for the busy electrical contractor requiring the ultimate in performance and functionality combined with speed of operation and efficiency provided by the downloading of data. When combined with software certification the system provides a highly professional image for the contractor combined with the ever increasing need for tracability of test results.

The BMM2580 offers all the features of the 2500 but with the addition of 100 V and 50 V insulation ranges and a 10 uF capacitance range. These additional features make the instrument ideally suited for applications in the telecom industry.

Both instruments offer comprehensive data storage options with individual test results being stored against user selectable distribution board and circuit references. Alternatively data logging may be selected and up to 300 consecutive measurements of any chosen parameter may be made at a selectable time interval. Data storage is contained within non-volatile memory, (NVM), ensuring that test results are not lost in the event of battery failure or removal.

Once stored, results may be recalled to the display, printed to an external serial printer or downloaded to suitable software. Download Manager™ for Windows is included enabling language changes to be performed, along with the simple download of stored data from the instrument into comma separated variable files. These files can be maintained as a record, used for manually completing certificates or exported to other applications such as spreadsheets and word processor documents. Where creation of certificates of test is required both instruments are fully compatible with PowerSuite for Windows and NICEone. (for N.I.C.E.I.C. Certification alone)

Both instruments feature special mV ranges enabling connection of a wide variety of mV output transducers. Such devices extend the range of possible measurements almost endlessly including such items as temperature probes, airspeed indicators and high current clampmeters thus extending the scope of the BMM2500 series into key industries such as heating and ventilation (HVAC), and servicing.

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  • Specifications
Insulation Ranges
Test Voltages : (BMM2500): 250, 500, 1000 V
(BMM2580): 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 V
Measuring Range: (BMM 2500) 0,01 MΩ to 20 GΩ
(BMM 2580) 0,01 MΩ to 200 GΩ
(0 – 100 GΩ on analog scale )
Test voltage accuracy: +15% maximum on open circuit
Test Current on load:
1mA at min. pass value of insulation specified in BS7671, HD384 and IEC 364, 2 mA max.
Accuracy: ±2% ±2 digits ±0.2% per GΩ
Measuring Range: 0,01 Ω to 99,9 Ω (0 to 10 Ω on analog scale)
±2% ±2 digits
Open circuit voltage: 5 V ±1V
Test current: 210 mA ±10 mA (0 – 2 Ω)
Buzzer: Operates continuously at less than 5 Ω
Measuring Range: 0,01 kΩ to 9,99 MΩ (0 to 100 MΩ on analog scale) with Auto Ranging or Range Lock Facility.
Accuracy: ± 3% ± 2 digits
Open circuit voltage: 5 V ±1V
Short circuit current 25 μA ± 5 μA
Measuring Range: ±1V to ±500 V (0 to 1000 V on analog scale)
Accuracy: 0 to 500 V d.c. or a.c. (50/60 Hz) ±2% ±3 digit0 to 500 V a.c. (400 Hz) ±5% ±3 digits
Measuring Range: ±0,1 mV to 1 ±999 mV(0 to 1000 mV on analog scale)
Accuracy: 10 mV to 1999 mV d.c. or a.c (50/60 Hz) ±2% ±3 digit0,1 mV to 10 mV d.c. or a.c. (50/60 Hz) ±2% ±5 digits10 mV to 1999 mV a.c. (16-460 Hz) ±5% ±3 digit 0,1 mV to 10 mV a.c. (16-460 Hz) ±5% ±5 digits d.c. millivolts zeroing: Up to 9,9 mV
Transducer Compatibility
Virtually any mV output transducer may be connected to facilitate measurements of other parameters such as temperature, humidity etc. A unique transducer offset adjustment ensures is included.
Capacitance (BMM2580)
Measuring Range: 0,1 nF to 9,99
Accuracy: ±3% ±0,2 nF ±2 digits uF zeroing: Up to 10 nF
Measuring Range: 0,1 mA to 500 mA (0 to 1000 mA on analog scale)
Accuracy: 10 mA to 1999 mA d.c. or a.c.(50/60 Hz) ±2% ±3 digit 0,1 mA – 10 mA d.c. or a.c. (50/60 Hz) ±2% ±5 digits 10 mA to 1999 mA a.c. (16-460 Hz) ±5% ±3 digits 0,1 mA to 10 mA a.c. (16-460 Hz) ±5% ±5 digits
Measuring Range: 16 Hz to 460 Hz
Accuracy: ±1% ±1 digit
Data Logging
The instruments may be set to continuously record any one of the measurable parameters e.g. voltage, insulation resistance etc. The logging interval may also be adjusted to suit the application.
Logging Interval: 10s to 1990s in 10s increments
Number of samples: Approximately 300
Accuracy: As above for each parameter
Power Supply
Battery Type:: 6 x 1,5 V Alkaline cells IEC LR6 type
Battery Life: Typically 3000, 5 second 1 kV tests
Backlight User selectable LED backlight with auto turn off to save battery life
Test Result Storage Up to 99 Distribution Board References each with up to 99 Circuit References may be specified. Test Results may be stored against any circuit and distribution board combination. Data may be recalled to the display, printed or downloaded to PowerSuite for Windows or NICEone software
Communications RS232 9 pin male D connector. Baud rate 9600
Printer Output Prints test results, distribution board and circuit details to external serial print