Megger ® DCM1000P Series

Digital Power Clamp-on Meters

Megger DCM1000P  Clamp Meters
  • Performs seven basic power measurements
  • Clamp on for measurement, no need to break the circuit
  • Optional software for logging or trend analysis
  • True RMS, AC, DC and AC + DC
  • Direct measurement of balanced 3-phase power
  • Excellent Price Performance
  • Measures power quantities on 1Ø & 3Ø systems
  • DC & AC True RMS response
  • Real-time bargraph display
  • Auto-sensing AC / DC (AC + DC)
  • Built-in digital output
  • Auto-ranging
  • PowerClamp/Digital Clampmeter
Product Description:

The Megger DCM1000P is an advanced clampmeter, giving true RMS readings of not only current and voltage, but of power quantities too. It measures ac and dc true RMS, giving accurate results even with distorted waveforms. Measurement can be made of power, apparent power, reactive power, and power factor, in single-phase and balanced three-phase systems with no need for additional adapters or calculations. Clamp-on power meters are the ideal hand-held instruments for use in the installation, maintenance, monitoring or checking of electrical systems and equipment.As with all AVO products, the Power Clampmeter offers the high quality and precise measuring circuitry expected from the AVO name. Measurements can be taken regardless of waveform and up to a crest factor of 5. These unique instruments also measure power factor and frequency.

In addition to indicating the measurement on the large 3 1/2 digit LCD, each multimeter automatically displays the engineering unit (A, V, kΩ, etc.) of the quantity being measured and an indication of whether ac or dc, or a composite ac+dc signal.

An automatic power-off function helps extend battery life; low-battery indication is displayed when the time for replacement is near. Battery life is typically 12 hours continuous use.

Ranges and Accuracies:
Current Measurement  
Ranges 400 A, 1000 A d.c. or a.c. pk
Accuracy I > 20 A ±1,5% ±5dI ≤ 20 A ± 1 A
Frequency DC, 20 Hz – 1 kHz
Voltage Measurement
Ranges 400 V, 600 V
Accuracy V > 40 V ±1% ±5dV ≤ 40 A ± 1 V
Frequency DC, 20 Hz – 1 kHz
Power Measurement (1-Ø & 3-Ø)
Ranges 40 kW, 400 kW, 600 kW (to 425 kW AC)
Accuracy ±2,5% ±5d except1-Ø: <2 kW ± 0,08 kW 3-Ø: <4 kW ± 0,25 kW
Frequency DC, 20 Hz – 1 kHz
VA Measurement (1-Ø & 3-Ø)
Ranges 40 kVA, 400 kVA, 600 kVA (to 425 kVA AC)
Accuracy VA > 2 kVA ±2,5% ±5dVA ≤ 2 kVA ±0,08 kVA
Frequency DC, 20 Hz – 1 kHz
VAr Measurement
Ranges 600 V Ar, 200 kVAr
Accuracy VAr>2 kVAr ±2,5% ±5dVAr ≤ 2 kVAr ±0,08 kVAr
Frequency DC, 20 Hz – 1 kHz
PF Range 0,3 – 0,99
Power Factor (COSØ)
Range -0,3 -1.0 – +0,3(cap) (ind) (72,5º -0º +72,5º)
Resolution 0,01
Accuracy ±3°
Frequency 20 Hz – 1 kHz
Frequency Measurement    (from current or voltage sources)
Range 20 Hz – 1 kHz
Resolution 0,1 Hz
Accuracy 40 – 70 Hz ±0,5%20 – 1000 Hz ±1%
Product Specifications:
Power Supply 1×9 V alkaline battery, IEC 6-LF22Continuous battery life Typically 12 hoursAutoPower Off feature
  • 4000 count main display, 10 mm high digits
  • Secondary 25-segment bargraph indicator with scale
  • MIN/MAX./AVG. indicators in record mode
  • Data Hold indicator
  • a.c./d.c./a.c. + d.c. indication
  • Low battery warning
Resolution 10 mA(40 A range ) 100 m A (200 A range)
251 mm x 98 mm x 52 mm(9,9” x 3,9” x 2,1” approx.)l
Weight 500 g (1,1 lb)
Jaw Opening
Max. 55 mm (2,2”)1×55 mm cable or 2×30 mm cables
Reference:Operating Range: Storage:
23ºC ±1ºC0ºC – 50ºC (32ºF – 122ºF) -20ºC – 60ºC (-4ºF – 140ºF)
Temp. Coefficient ±0,1% of reading / °C (voltage and current)
Safety Complies with EN61010-2-032, 600 V,Installation category III, Pollution Deg.2 Test leads compliant to EN61010-2-031.
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PowerLog The optional PowerLog interface and software package allows data logging directly to a PC and simple transmission of stored data for further analysis and archiving. In addition to logging up to five parameters at a time it is also possible to log waveforms and harmonics screens together with THD values. This ensures fast identification and quantification of intermittent harmonics problems. PowerLog chart table and harmonics Modes Modes The DCM1000P and PowerLog have been designed for ease of use with Quick Log functions and simple data download of saved screens. Data presentation is in chart or table format for quick identification and analysis of trends. For report preparation graphics and data can be easily exported into other applications. POWERLOG - KEY FEATURES When used with the DCM1000P PowerLog exhibits the following key features: Easy to use Windows format n Data presentation in display mimic Table and chart modes Waveform and data download Harmonic analysis of waveforms n Logging of up to five parameters Simple exporting of data and trends into other Windows applications. PowerLog - System Requirements: The minimum PC configuration to run PowerLog is as follows: 486 – 66 MHz Processor 8 MB Ram n 5 MB Hard Disk space free Microsoft Windows 3.1x, 95 or NT.           index web