• Megger

Megger ® Model DCM24R, 204R, 104R

AC/DC True RMS Digital Clamp-on Meters
megger dcm10r clamp-on meter


  • AC. and DC Amperes, Ohms, Diode & Continuity
  • IEC1010 & EMC Compliance
  • RMS measurement
  • Auto-ranging & Auto-zeroing
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Display – Hold and Max
  • Analog outputs

High Accuracy

Advanced jaw design means that the clampmeters’ accuracy is not actually affected by external magnetic fields or off-centre conductor positioning. Utilisation of Hall Effect technology ensures a broad flat frequency response resulting in optimum accuracy even when harmonics are present. True RMS Measurement By using True RMS measurement techniques the DCM R series avoids errors (up to 50%) which can occur when non-sinusoidal waveforms created by today’s complex loads are measured using traditional average reading techniques. True RMS measurements are available for a.c., d.c. (Amps, Volts) and a.c. + d.c. (Amps).

Safety & Convenience

The compact size of the instruments gives the user access to constricted locations. The jaw has a large aperture of 55 mm and is able to accommodate conductors with diameters up to 50 mm. The tactile barrier indicates to the operator a safe working distance for his hand to be from the live uninsulated conductors, providing added confidence when making measurements in hazardous voltage areas.

Wide Range of Applications

The high accuracy current measurement capability and full multimeter functionality of the DCM-R series satisfy a wide range of applications in service, maintenance and installation of machinery and industrial equipment. These battery powered instruments can be used for automotive diagnostics and converter-driven current measurements


The DCM R series of digital clamp meters have a four digit L.C.D. and are available in different versions for maximum currents of 200 A, 1000 A and 2000 A. They feature autoranging and auto-zeroing and can measure a.c., d.c., pulsed and mixed currents. Additional functions include the measurement of voltage, resistance, continuity and a diode test. The overall accuracy of 1,3% of the measured value has been achieved by utilising the latest microprocessor technology, plus the use of a true RMS measuring technique. This accuracy even applies when harmonics or complex waveforms are present.

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The clampmeters have additional ranges of 400 V, 600 V, 400 ½, 4 k½ and allow diode tests as well as continuity tests with an integrated buzzer. Simply by pushing a button, it is possible to freeze the last value measured or to display the peak value on the four digit 12 mm high liquid crystal display. The analog outputs of this DCM series can be connected to an oscilloscope, chart recorder, datalogger or other measuring/recording equipment. A true RMS output is also available. The traditional measuring method for taking current measurements by inserting a shunt resistor or a current transformer has inherent disadvantages, such as the necessity to break the circuit conductor. The modern, competitively priced Hall effect DCM R series Clamp-on multimeters offer the user many advantages including the measurement of d.c. currents and non-sinusoidal waveforms.

  • Literature
  • Specifications
pdf icon Description
++ DCM-R Series Specification sheet (1.6 MB)
Ranges and Accuracies:
Voltage Measurement
Methods of measurement AC True RMS or DC
Maximum overload 1000 V
Accuracy ±1% of reading ±3 digits
Resolution 100 mV (400 V range)
Crest Factor 6 for V < 1000 V peak
Input Impedance 1 MΩ
Resistance, Continuity and Diode Testing
Ω ranges (auto-ranging) 400Ω , 4 kΩ
Ω resolution 0,1Ω (400 Ω range)
Ω accuracy ±1% of reading ±3 digits
Continuity sounder Toggled on & off by button
(Ω range only) Sounds when resistance <50 Ω
Input protection, Ω & diode test To 600 V, DC or sinewave
Diode test 3,2 V max. open Reads forward – biased diode
circuit, 0,3 mA short circuit Voltage to 2000 mV
Diode test accuracy ±1% of reading ±2 digit
Frequency Response (Measurements and analog output)
AC only True RMS V & A 15 Hz to 1 kHz
DC True RMS A DC. +15 Hz to 1 kHz
DC V and A DC only
Size and type 40000 count LCD12 mm (0,5 in) characters
Status indication Low Battery, Data HoldPK (MAX hold), a.c., d.c., DiodeTest, Ω, Continuity
Refresh rate 3 times per second
Battery type 9 V alkaline: MN1604, PP3,IEC 6LR61 or equivalent
Battery life Typically 40 hours
Dimensions (H x W x D) 251 x 98 x 53 mm(9,88 x 3,86 x 2,05 ins.)
Weight 500 gm (1,1 lbs)
Jaw capacity 1 x 50 mm (2,0 in) dia. cable Ω2 x 30 mm (1,2 in) dia. cables
Product Specifications:
Ranges 40 A, 200 A 400 A, 1000 V 400 A, 2000 A
Measurement methods
AC or DC. True RMS, or DC only
Resolution 10 mA(40 A range )100 m A (200 A range) 100 mA(400 A range)1 A (1000 A range) 100 mA(400 A range)1 A (2000 A range)
±1,3% of reading ±3 digital
Maximum measureable load 200 A d.c. or a.c. peak 1000 A d.c. or a.c. peak 2000 A d.c. or a.c. peak
Crest Factor
6 maximum for True RMS measurements
Maximum overload
10 000 A
analog Output (2)Switcheable Instantaneous or RMS (100 ms) output 5 mV/A 1 mV/A 0,5 mV/A
analog output accuracy ±1,3% of reading ±1 mV